Gender Female
Age 17
Personal Status
Affiliations Bukyoku Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Yagokoro is a third-year student of Bukyoku Academy, and a member of it's newspaper club.

Appearance Edit

Yagokoro is a young female student.

Personality Edit

Yagokoro is a rather enthusiast student. As a part of the newspaper club, she also greatly enjoys writing and discovering news. Her style as a reporter is comparable to Kagami, as they both write articles about the human side's of people.

Plot Edit

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Training Camp Edit

Yagokoro and Komiyama, of Tonrou's newspaper club, both watch Stella's mock battle against Tohka. They meet Kagami and Nagi after the mock battle. Unlike the Bunkyoku Academy newspaper club members, they are greatly impressed by Stella's power, despite her losing to Tohka.

Yagokoro also discusses the other members of Team Hagun and the representatives of other schools. Yagokoro also reveals that the "Sword Emperor of Wind" Ouma Kurogane has joined Bukyoku's team. The reporters then notice Kyomon Academy's Mikoto Tsuruya, standing nearby, and go to interview her.

The Star of Naniwa Edit

Yagokoro is alter seen in the Ichiban Boshi restaurant interviewing Kiriko Yakushi, who had arrived to preform an examination on Yudai Moroboshi. She also meets Ikki, Shizuku and Nagi who Yudai invited to eat. Yagokoro tries to interview Ikki about his fight against Edelweiss, but is sadly disappointed by Ikki not remembering much about the fight.

Abilities Edit

Yagokoro's abilities are unknown.

Device Edit


Navigation Edit

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