Vermillion Empire Arc is the third arc of the Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan light novel series. It includes arcs the latest three arcs. It is preceded by the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc.

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Volume 10 Edit

After the end of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Ikki Kurogane and Stella Vermillion are invited to a meeting between Kurono Shinguuji, Nene Saikyo and Bakuga Tsukikage, the Director of Akatsuki Academy. When they arrive, they are briefly attacked by a mysterious Blazer, but the fight is soon called of by Kurono. She reveals that the mysterious Blazer is Ascarid, the fourth ranked Blazer in the KOK A-League, who came to test Ikki's and Stella's strength.

Tsukikage then tells Ikki and Stella about Desperados, beings that have broken the chains of fate, and reached greater power than any normal Blazer. He explains that during Ikki's and Stella's battle, Ikki became a Desperado, due to reaching his limit and breaking through it. Tsukikage then uses his ability to show a dark vision of the future, where Tokyo is destroyed and in flames. He explains that this event is most likely an outcome of a possibly upcoming war between the League of Mage-Knight Nations and Union, which the League will lose. This was the reason Tsukikage formed the Akatsuki, wanting them to win the Festival and lessen the public reputation of the League, which would allow Japan to separate from it. However, as Akatsuki was defeated, the people still approve of the League, not wanting to separate from it. The meeting then ends, with Tsukikage hoping that Ikki and Stella can prevent the future he has seen.

There is a party held after the Festival, where the participants celebrate. Participants include Yudai Moroboshi, Tohka Todo, Rinna Kazamatsuri, Kiriko Yakushi, Sara Bloodlily and Shizuku Kurogane, among others. Ikki and Stella are also participating in the party, talking about the end of the Festival and the previous meeting. After the party, Shizuku contacts Kiriko, wishing for her to train her in healing.

Ikki and Stella then travel to Vermillion to meet Stella's family. During the flight to Vermillion, Ikki becomes very nervous, but Stella tells him that both her mother and sister approve of her relationship, with only her father being against it. When they arrive to Vermillion, they are greeted by hundreds of people, including Stella's mother, Astrea Vermillion. Astrea is very friendly to Ikki, but explains she needs to take Stella, as her father, Sirius Vermillion, wants to have a private meeting with her before meeting Ikki. Ikki isn't bothered by this, staying behind.

After Stella and Astrea leave though, Ikki is attacked by all the people present. It's revealed that the people still believe in the fake rumors about Ikki's and Stella's relationship, and they want to kill Ikki to protect Stella. Ikki however strikes an agreement with them, that instead of fighting them, he will try making it to the Vermillion Palace, before the people catch him. He then escapes to the roofs, running towards the palace.

Ikki fights with two students of Vermillion, Tilmitt Gracie and Miriallia Régie, who are some of the strongest warriors in Vermillion. Ikki though manages to defeat them, continuing towards the palace. On the roof of the palace, Ikki is confronted by Daniel Dandalion, Vermillion's Sword Mentor, who taught Stella in swordsmanship. Dandalion proves to give Ikki a challenge, showing great skill in swordsmanship. Ikki however defeats Dandalion, and busts through a window of the palace, into the room of Lunaeyes Vermillion, the 1st Princess of Vermillion, who is in her underwear.

Ikki is immediately embarrassed by the familiar situation, but Lunaeyes is not bothered, noticing Ikki's injuries, and trying to help him. Suddenly, Stella enters the room, noticing her sister and her lover together, greatly shocking her.

It's later revealed, that Stella's father, Sirius Vermillion is responsible for the people attacking Ikki, as he even put a bounty on his head. This greatly infuriates Stella, but Ikki comforts her, telling that seeing how much the people of Vermillion love Stella, has made him appreciate them even more. Lunaeyes then suggests that Ikki should participate in the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and the Kingdom of Cradleland. If Ikki wins, he will gain the right to marry Stella. Everyone agrees to this, although Sirius is unhappy by the situation.

In Cradleland, the participants for the upcoming tournament, Johann, Luke, Mira, Enalis and Lid are training, when they receive the news of Ikki participating. Despite knowing of Ikki's strength, they are not too worried, being confident in their victory. However, they are suddenly attacked by a young boy, dressed in a black coat. The boy is All-Goal, one of the Numbers of Rebellion, who was the one controlling Reisen Hiraga in the Festival. He takes control of Johann, and forces him to kill his entire team. He then takes control of the entire Cradleland, wanting to eventually reach his control to Vermillion, so he can cause suffering to Stella, who has peaked his interests. The League however notices mysterious activity in Cradleland and sends Ascarid to see what is going on.

Volume 11 Edit

Sirius, dissatisfied by Ikki joining the tournament, decides to hold several trials for Ikki, which he needs to complete to join the tournament. Both Astrea and Stella tell Ikki that he doesn't have to participate in Sirius' made up trials, but Ikki participates anyway. He easily wins all the trials, beating Sirius, in combat skills, strength and speed. Even after being defeated Ikki, Sirius still wants to challenge Ikki. wanting to impress Stella.

Meanwhile, Kouzou Kazamatsuri, one of the Numbers of Rebellion and the Head of the Kazamatsuri Zaibatsu, arrives to the destroyed headquarters of Rebellion. There he meets with Bakuga Tsukikage, another one of the Numbers, who has been brought there from Japan, by Rinna Kazamatsuri, Charlotte Cordé and Sara Bloodlily. Tsukikage uses his ability to see past events, to find out what happened at the headquarters. It's revealed that All-Goal, another Number, rebelled against the organization, along with two other members, Ein Abgrund and Big Baby, as well as the strongest mercenary in history, Naseem Al-Salem. They killed 8 of the Numbers, including Wallenstein, and destroyed the entire headquarters, after which they headed to Cradleland, which they took over. After finding out what happened, Kouzou quickly takes charge and orders Tsukikage to inform the League of Mage-Knight Nations, while Kouzou contacts the remaining members, as it's Rebellion's existence as a major third power in the world is important to prevent the future Tsukikage has seen. They though notice that all communications have been cut off, and Union armed helicopters are coming to the headquarters, with Abraham Carter on board.

Lunaeyes brings Tilmitt Gracie and Miriallia Régie to meet again with Ikki, as they had previously meet with them. Tilmitt and Miriallia are also participating in the upcoming tournament and Lunaeyes wants Ikki to train them. Ikki agrees, but before he can start the training, Lunaeyes, Ikki and Stella are invited to Cradleland by Johann, the 1st Prince of Cradleland, who is a very close friend of Lunaeyes.

As Lunaeyes, Ikki and Stella arrive to Cradleland, they are greeted by Johann and meet the rest of his team, consisting of Luke, Mira, Enalis and Lid. They tell the visitors about All-Goal, a dangerous Rebellion member who has been spotted in the country. Stella vows to protect the people of Cradleland, but a voice calls out calling Stella's promise impossible. This vouce is All-Goal's who has taken control of the whole Cradleland, and killed the King and the others of the team, apart from Johann, who is serving under All-Goal. All.Goal and Johann then attack Lunaeyes, Ikki and Stella. Due to All-Goal being a powerful Desperado, the group gets overwhelmed by his power. They are luckily saved by Iris Ascarid, who has infiltrated Cradleland, and who is revealed to be All-Goal's sister. Ascarid teleports Lunaeyes, Ikki and Stella back to Vermillion, with a knife he got from the Vice-Leader of the League, Norman Creed.

Back in Vermillion, Stella confronts her parents and Dandalion, who tell her that Cradleland's army has attacked Vermillion. Stella reveals that All-Goal is actually controlling the soldiers, an act which Astrea thinks should be kept hidden from Vermillion's soldiers to not lower their morality. Sirius however, ignores her advice, and immediately informs the soldiers. This makes Stella proud of her father. Later, Ikki proposes a way to free the soldiers from All-Goal. He tells that, as All-Goal directly controls a handful of soldiers, through whom, he spreads his threads to everyone. If those certain soldiers are taken out, those who are controlled through them will be freed as well.

Vermillion forces then confront the Cradleland forces in the Battle of Kardia, with Ikki, Stella, Tilmitt, Miriallia, Dandalion and Ascarid helping in the battle. Initially, Ikki's strategy works, with many soldiers being freed in the stages of the battle. However, when All-Goal's allies, Naseem and Big Baby, enter the battlefield, they manage to cause major destruction with Big Baby fighting against Ikki, while Stella attempts to fight against Naseem, who is a Desperado. The Vermillion Palace, is also attacked, by another one of All-Goal's allies, Ein Abgrund, who fights with Sirius. Big Baby is scared away by Ascarid and Stella is saved from Naseem, by Nene Saikyo, who has arrived along with other Blazers from the League. Yui Tatara, who is a sister of Ein, also saves Sirius, having infiltrated the palace as a maid. Before the fights can continue though, Lunaeyes arrives to the battlefield, with Johann and All-Goal, demanding that all fighting be stopped. She tells that there will be a new tournament held between Vermillion and All-Goal's controlled Cradleland to determine the fates of the two countries, to the shock of everyone.

Volume 12 Edit

Lunaeyes explains that she has made an agreement with All-Goal to hold a battle royal style tournament between five representatives of both Vermillion and Cradleland, with the loser lending control of their country to the winner. Stella questions why Lunaeyes would negotiate with All-Goal, but Lunaeyes notes that if the League and All-Goal's allies would battle, it would result in much destruction and many innocent casualties. The tournament will reduce these casualties. Hearing Lunaeyes' explanation, everyone agrees to the tournament, which will be held in a week. There is also an unknown price which Lunaeyes must pay.

It's announced that Cradleland's representatives will be All-Goal, Naseem Al-Salem, Ein Abgrund, Big Baby and Johann. Vermillion's representatives are decided to be Ikki Kurogane, Stella Vermillion, Iris Ascarid, Yui Tatara and Nene Saikyo. Nene though claims that Stella isn't strong enough to fight with Desperados and she needs to get stronger. Stella suggests that she should go and fight Edelweiss to improve her abilities. Team Vermillion, apart from Nene, then heads to Estonia where Edelweiss lives.

It's revealed that Edelweiss became known as the world's worst criminal 15 years ago, during the Baltic Crisis, where she defeated 30,000 troops of the League and Union. She is now living isolated in the mountain of Edelberg. When Team Vermillion arrives to a small village, where many Blazers are residing, and waiting to challenge Edelweiss. These include the former KOK A-League competitor Yoshikazu Kiba and an officer of the U.S. Secret Service Ranbalt Raab. The team though continues onward, finally making it on the mountain.

They find a cabin where Edelweiss lives, but as Stella approaches the cabin, she is immobilized by an immense force. This is revealed to be Edelweiss' Desperado-aura, which stops Stella and even damages her. Stella attempts to challenge Edelweiss, but is unable to even attack her. Stella then asks Edelweiss to train her, which Edelweiss agrees to do, on the condition that Stella protects her home from attackers for six days. Ascarid warns Stella that due to Edelweiss' Noble Art, Rule of Grace, Stella won't be able to go back on her agreement, but Stella decides to agree anyway. Ascarid and Yui also swear to not help Stella, going with her, while Ikki stays with Edelweiss.

While Stella defeats a large group of enemies, Edelweiss prepares sweets for Ikki. Edelweiss tells about her past and how she currently lacks a reason to fight, lacking her "chivalry". Ikki asks Edelweiss to train him in swordsmanship, but Edelweiss notes that there isn't much Ikki can learn from her, as their sword skills are far closer than he thinks. However, Edelweiss decides to teach Ikki how to better control his mana. Edelweiss takes Ikki to the top of the mountain, where she teaches him to simultaneously train his mana control and body control.

Stella struggles to defeat her opponents, only managing to defeat the last enemies with Yui's help. Yui then teaches Stella to fight more strategically, and waste less energy. Thanks to Yui's advice, Stella manages to defeat the enemies of the four other days with easily. On the night of the fifth day, Stella prepares a hot spring, and Yui and Ascrarid tell about their pasts.

Kiba and Raab then head towards Edelweiss' home intending to finally challenge her. However they are defeated by Fu Xiaoli, who is one of the Four Sages of Shinryuu Temple and a Desperado, who is on the run from the temple. Xiaoli later meets with Stella and decides to fight her, to challenge Edelweiss. Being a Desperado, Xiaoli takes the upperhand after copying Stella's ability, with her Noble Art, Goheitaishu. Seeing Xiaoli beating Stella, Edelweiss attempts to intervene in the battle, but she is stopped by Ikki, who believes that Stella can win. This prediction is eventually proven true, when Stella's soul evolves, leading to her gaining enough power to beat Xiaoli.

After the battle, Stella and the rest of her team head back to Vermillion, as Stella refuses the option to fight with Edelweiss, having already gained all the power she needs. After they have left, Edelweiss also decides it's time that she should act, wanting to stop the vision of the dark future that Tsukikage has seen, believing that it will soon arrive.

Back in Vermillion, Lunaeyes comes to meet Stella, asking her for help, as the people of Vermillion refuse to evacuate, instead staying to watch the upcoming battle. Stella though wants them to stay, saying that she will protect them all. Lunaeyes sees that Stella is going to be the future Emperor of Vermillion.

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