Hagun AcademyEdit

Utakata MisogiEdit

One of Touka's childhood friend. They first met each other in an orphanage, and at first Utakata did not like Touka, he even attacked her when she had gotten to close to him, as he did not want anything to do with anyone at the time. Eventually, however, she was able to reach him, and they had become very good friends since then.

Kanata TotokubaraEdit

Another one of Touka's childhood friend. They met each other in an orphanage which Kanata constantly visits and has been friends since then.

Ikki KuroganeEdit

Touka had revealed, during her match against Ikki, that she has always wanted to fight against Ikki, showing that she had noticed and respected Ikki's strength since she had met him. After she was defeated by Ikki, her respect for him increased, and had even made her more enthusiastic for the next time they would fight, wanting to surpass Ikki one day, as she would be the challenger next time.

Others Edit

Yudai Moroboshi Edit

Yudai defeated Tohka in the last years Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Despite this they are later shown to be rather close, and have even developed a friendly rivalry. They respect each other and acknowledge each others strength.

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