"Pierce the blue sky, blaze of purgatory."
—Stella Vermillion
Stella Vermillion
Rakudai anime teaser
Kana ステラ・ ヴァーミリオン
Romaji Sutera Vuāmirion
Gender Female
Age 15
Nickname/s Crimson Princess
Hair Color Crimson
Eye Color Crimson
Device Laevateinn
Personal Status
Relatives Sirius Vermillion (Father)
Astrea Vermillion (Mother)
Lunaeyes Vermillion (Older sister)
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Hagun Academy
Team Vermillion
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A-Rank
Physical B+
Luck A
Offense A
Defense A
Magic Cap A
Magic Ctl B+
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Shizuka Ishigami (Japanese)
Luci Christian (English)

Stella Vermillion is the main female heroine of A Chivalry of the Failed Knight. She is an A rank Apprentice Knight and the second imperial princess of the Vermillion Kingdom. She is known as the Crimson Princess.


Stella is a beautiful young woman of average height with a beautiful face, white skin, and ruby eyes. She has long crimson hair tied into twin tails. She has a bewitching body, with large breasts and a voluptuous figure. Ikki likens her appearance to "a painting of a goddess", and that her beauty "left no room for wicked lust".


Stella initially appears to be feisty, hot-blooded, and quick to anger possibly due to her sheltered upbringing, as she was shown arguing with Ikki, after he accidentally walked in on her dressing and then stripping to make things even, even going as far as to want him to kill himself just to make up for it.

However, later on, she is shown to be anything but bitter and is even willing to admit her mistakes and be friendly with others. Despite this, she is still reckless and impulsive and exhibits frequent bouts of jealousy when it comes to Ikki, especially when it comes to women as she wants to be the one who makes Ikki the happiest.

Stella also dislikes being called a prodigy or genius and holds contempt for anyone who views her natural abilities as her only source of strength, as she wants to prove that she is more than a prodigy, and wants to show her capability with a sword, as well.

Stella has often shown to have a perverted side to her when it comes to Ikki. After the mock battle, she straddles him while he is asleep, and she also wanted to wash his back when he was bathing, even rubbing his back with her breasts. Also after their talk in the hospital, she complains to herself that Ikki hasn't done anything after admitting to herself that they have become "lovers". Ayase Ayatsuji even noted that during their talk at the pool, Stella didn't say she was against doing "it" with Ikki. When she and Ikki were resting in the cabin at the Okutama mountains, she realized that she thought about such things more than Ikki, who understood that he needed the approval of Stella's father first and would restrain himself until then. It is also shown that she tends to have erotic dreams or fantasies about Ikki.


Desperado: During her battle with Fu Xiaoli, Stella reached her Awakening and became a Desperado, a being that has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado, she can increase her mana capacity, with her techniques receiving a boost of power.
Stella reveals her flames

Stella's Flames

Master Swordsmanship: Stella is proficient in swordsmanship, being extremely skillful in her Imperial Sword Style. Ikki, despite being a better swordsman, had noted that there wasn't any flaws in Stella movements and not much he can teach her.

  • Tsunoou/Harmonic Bullet: A combination attack of Stella and Ikki. It's an attack where Ikki uses his first secret sword technique, Saigeki, while Stella strikes with a powerful slash. The attack is called Tsunoou by Ikki, and Harmonic Bullet by Stella.

Immense Magic Power: Stella possesses an immense amount of magic power that she was unable to control as a child. After years of hard training, Stella finally mastered her power and is now able to use powerful attacks continuously without showing signs of fatigue. According to Stella, her magic power is 30 times that of a normal Blazer.

Immense Strength: Stella, through the use of her large magic reserve, has shown to be capable of augmenting her physical strength to a superhuman level, to the point of making craters in the ground with her slashes and sending people flying with one punch. She could even easily overpower Ikazuchi Saijou fully powered 10 Ton attack in one clash.

Immense Speed: After her training with Nene, Stella's speed increased considerably. She was easily able to dodge both Yui's and Rinna's attacks, without much difficulty.

Immense Durability: Stella has shown being extremely durable. She took a hit from Rinna's King's Charge, without a scratch.

Immense Metabolism: Though not necessarily a power, It has been shown that Stella's fire magic literally burns calories for her to use causing her to have a large appetite and may be the cause of her slim figure. When Ayane comments on the amount of food she eats. Stella stated that she needs to eat a lot or her body gets sluggish, and Yui has told her one of her biggest weaknesses is that she wastes calories that fuels her magic.

Dragon Breath (妃竜の息吹 Hiryuu no Sokusui): Stella's Noble Art, mainly comprising of the ability to summon and control flames. This particular kind of flame carries some of the common properties of natural fire like radiant heat and light, but does not immediately burn anything it touches. Stella uses Dragon Breath in both offense and defense, creating an invisible barrier that blocks incoming attacks, as well as extending the flames to attack any nearby foes. In actuality, Dragon Breath is an ability that allows Stella to gain the abilities of a dragon.

  • Bahamut Howl (暴龍咆吼): Stella's ability that allows her to engulf an entire area in nothing but her own flames, which would burn for twenty seconds straight. It is stated that Stella could engulf an entire town using this ability.

Trackless Step (抜き足 Nukiashi): Stella has shown the ability to use Trackless Step, as seen when it allowed her to instantly get behind Akaza, without him noticing.


LN Vol 12 illustration 10

Stella's new Device.

Laevateinn (妃竜の罪剣レーヴァテイン): Stella's Device, it takes a form of a golden broadsword with red markings on the hilt and is clad in the Dragon Breath's flames. During her fight with Fu Xiaoli, Laevateinn changed into a far larger golden blade, higher than Stella, and thicker than a man's arm.

  • καθαρτήριο σαλαμάνδραKatharterio Salamandra (天壌焼き焦がす竜王の焔カルサリテォオ・サラマンドラ): Stella's ultimate technique, Laevateinn transforms into a sword made from heat that had no physical body, and can reach a target more than a hundred meters away.
  • Empress Dress (妃竜の羽衣エンプレスドレス, Enpuresu Doresu): Stella creates a dress made of flames that acts as an armor. The weakness of the technique, is that as it surrounds Stella with flames, it covers her sight, which in turn hinders the techniques close-range effectiveness.
  • Dragon Fang (妃竜の大顎ドラゴンファング, Doragon Fangu): Activated by igniting Laevateinn in flames, Stella creates a three meter long serpentine Dragon clad in flames that can target its opponent.
    • Satan Fang: An enhanced version of Dragon Fangs. It shoots seven flaming Dragons instead of just one.
  • Broken Arrow: A technique, which shoots out multiple fireballs at the opponent.
  • Flame Veil (lit. "Heath Haze Curtain"): A technique, that temporarily hides the user by refracting light from the heat. It can also create mirages of the user.
  • Dragon Stomp: Stella smashes her foot into the ground, releasing flames.
  • Dragon Nest (妃龍巢穴): Stella stabs the ground with Laevateinn. The ground then begins to slowly melt away.
  • Dragon Wing: Stella uses flames to manifest herself wings, which allow her to fly through the air.
  • Dragon Spirit (龍神附身): Stella's most powerful technique, which she learned from her training with Nene Saikyo. The technique gives Stella the abilities of a dragon. It was thought that Stella needed to stab herself in order to activate the technique, but this was proven unnecessary. The technique decreases in power overtime.
    • Enhanced Strength: Dragon Spirit greatly increases Stella's physical strength, to the point she was able to injure Ouma Kurogane.
    • Enhanced Speed: Dragon Spirit increases Stella's speed greatly. She was shown being able to keep up with Ikki's Ittou Shura.
    • Enhanced Durability: Stella is easily able to withstand numerous slashes without a scratch.
    • Healing: Dragon Spirit allows Stella to heal injuries inflicted on her. The healing is near instantaneous and very effective.


  • Stella had learned Japanese by watching Kawaguchi Hiroshi Tankentai DVDs.
  • Vermillion as of her name means red, thus her name, Crimson Princess.
  • She is shown to have a large appetite despite her slender figure which Ayase has commented on. Stella claims she needs to eat a lot or her body gets sluggish hinting her fire magic may cause a high metabolism. This was proven true when Yui told her she wasted calories that fueled her magic.
  • Stella has currently the most named Noble Art's in the series.
  • Stella's Device is named after a sword in Norse mythology, with the same name.