Gender Female
Personal Status
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
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Signard is Vermillion's Army General.

Appearance Edit

Signard is a young General.

Personality Edit

Signard is very loyal to the imperial family of Vermillion.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Vermillion Empire Edit

Signard leads a number of female officers to confront Ikki Kurogane, who has just arrived to Vermillion. Signard questions Ikki about his relationship with Stella, and tells that the people of Vermillion love Stella so much they can't just accept Stella's engagement to Ikki. Signard then tells Ikki that the people of Vermilion challenge him to a duel. Ikki accepts, on the condition that instead of fighting the people, he will win if he makes it to the Vermillion Imperial Palace, before the people can catch him. Signard and the people accept, and Ikki immediately escapes. Signard though comments that Ikki won't be able to escape "those girls".

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Signard later participates in the Battle of Kardia between Vermillion and Cradleland, leading troops to battle.

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