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Shizuku Kurogne vs Tohka Todo
LN Vol 3 color illustration 2 Shizuku vs Tohka
Conflict Selection Match
Result Tohka is victorious
Shizuku Kurogane Tohka Todo
Yoishigure Narukami
Power and Abilities
Water Manipulation
Water Prison Orb
Shouha Suiren
Byakuya Kekkai
Lightning Manipulation
Trackless Step
Reverse Sight
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Shizuku is heavily injured Tohka is uninjured

Shizuku Kurogane vs Tohka Todo is a battle fought between two B-rank Hagun Academy students, Shizuku Kurogane and Tohka Todo, in their tenth selection match. It's one of the Hagun Selection Battles.


Shizuku is seen practicing in arena 6 where she participated in a battle royale. She was able to defeat fifty Hagun Academy blazers without even breaking a sweat. She didn't even consider the battle royale worthy of practice. Shizuku then looks down at her student notepad knowing that her next opponent Tohka Todo would prove to test her limits.

Shizuku is then seen in the arena where she is about to take on her next opponent. Knowing that if she wanted to stay with Ikki all the way through, she would have to be able to reach the summit of the seven sword art festival, and this opponent would be able to test if she is able to. She then enters the ring, after which Tohka enters as well. Within the first second Shizuku knew that Tohka would push her to her limits. The buzzer rings and the match between Lorelei and Rakiri begins.


Tohka begins the match by sprinting to Shizuku's location, but before Tohka is able to get to her, Shizuku freezes the ring, wanting to slow her down and then proceeds to fires three water bullets at Tohka. Tohka is quick to counter Shizuku's plan, as she slides on the ice. She then dodges the three water bullets without much effort and then, while spinning, and unleashes a crescent shape lighting slash from Narukami.

Shizuku luckily is able to counter such precise movements by activating Shouha Suiren, which blocks the slashes. Tohka is fast to attack as she unleashes as flurry of slashes one after another. Shizuku having to act fast, keeps Shouha Suiren up, freezes Tohka's legs, and then creates a giant ice pillar. Shizuku then unleashes the ice on top of Tohka, but Tohka is able to slice it, without much effort. As the smoke clears Tohka and Shizuku are standing in the same spot as they had began.

Tohka then uses her lighting manipulation joules, to unfreeze her legs. She then proceeds to use the ancient technique, Trackless step. With it she is able to close the space between her and Shizuku in a matter of an instant. Shizuku is able to fall back and dodge Tohka, but this proved useless as Tohka continues to use Trackless Step, until finally she lands a hit on Shizuku. This however turns out to be a clone of Shizuku made of water, although Shizuku's hand did get hit. Not understanding how it was possible for Tohka to move as such speed Shizuku begins to loose concentration.

Shizuku then regains her spirit and focus, after Stella yells to her to not give up. With the encouragement of her love rival, she continues to fight. Shizuku then uses Byakuya Kekkai, which causes the frozen ring's ice to turn into mist giving her cover. This also stops Tohka's movements who can no longer see her opponent. Shizuku then uses Hisuijin, making it into a long sword, and then attacks Tohka. This however proved to be her downfall as Tohka uses Raikiri which knocks Shizuku in a single instant, effectively ending the match.


Shizuku is next seen in the hospital, where she awakens to find Nagi, Ikki, and Stella there in the room. She, no longer wanting to talk, asked if they could leave. Ikki understanding her feelings, leads Stella out. Nagi however stays, and gives Shizuku a hug telling her that her brother was proud of her, and that she had a spending match. Hearing those words along with the loving embrace of Nagi's hug, she could no longer hold her tears back, and begins to cry while hugging Nagi.

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