Shadow Bind
Nagi using Shadow Bind on Ikki
Nagi binding Ikki's movement
Kana 影縫い(シャドウバインド)
Romaji Shadou Baindo
Type Conceptual Manipulation (Shadow)
Wielder Nagi Arisuin

Shadow Bind is the Noble Art of Nagi Arisuin.


By stabbing Darkness Hermit into another person's shadow, the user can use it to bind his target's movement. Once activated, it completely seals the target's movement and strength, therefore making it impossible to break upon capture. Nagi can also create multiple Darkness Hermit to seal the movement multiple targets at the same time.

Weakness Edit

The technique cannot be used when there are no shadows. The user also needs to stab the opponents shadow, in order to use the technique.

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