Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc is the second arc of the Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan light novel series. It includes volumes 4-9. It is preceded by the Selection Battle Arc and followed by the Vermillion Empire Arc.

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Volume 4 Edit

Team Hagun, the representatives of Hagun Academy, are training at Kyomon Academy's training camp for the upcoming Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, as their own training camp at Okutama is considered too dangerous. Stella fights Tohka Todo in a mock battle, which she loses. Ikki also fights the Hagure Sisters in a mock battle, which he easily wins. Kagami Kusakabe, a member of Hagun's newspaper club, and Nagi Arisuin meet with Yagokoro, a member of Bukyoku's newspaper club, and Komiyama, a member of Tonrou's newspaper club. They exchange information about the representatives of each school. Yagokoro reveals that Ikki's older brother, Ouma Kurogane, has decided to join Team Bukyoku, despite not wanting to participate in the previous Festivals. Ouma is very famous and considered one of the strongest Blazers in Japan, being A-Rank. The reporters then run off to interview the nearby Mikoto Tsuruya, a student of Kyomon Academy.

Ikki and Stella are later walking in the city, when a man suddenly draws a gun, ready to shoot someone nearby. However, the man is attacked by a young boy, who Ikki notices reacting at an abnormal rate. The boy though is unable to defeat the gunman, being weak and frail, forcing Ikki to save him and defeat the man himself. The boy then tells that his name is Amane Shinomiya and that he's a huge fan of Ikki.

Ikki, Stella and Amane go to eat at a nearby diner, where Amane tells how he adores Ikki, and his attitude to never give up. Amane also tells that he is participating in the Festival as a representative of Kyomon Academy. Despite Amane being very nice and friendly, Ikki has a strange feeling from him, sensing something dark about him. After Amane leaves, Ikki contacts Kagami, and asks her to look into Amane, and similar first time participants in the Festival.

After doing some research, Kagami discovers that there's a representative from every school, that has something distinct or weird about them, and has never participated before. Before Kagami can tell about her discoveries, she is stabbed by Nagi, knocking her unconscious. Nagi is revealed to be one of the students on Kagami's list, and it's revealed that he and everyone on that list is part of a secret organization named Akatsuki, that works under Rebellion. Nagi contacts Reisen Hiraga, the leader of Akatsuki, and Wallenstein, one of the Numbers of Rebellion. He gets instruction from, and hides Kagami, so that she can't tell about her discoveries. Hiraga then goes to prepare an attack on Hagun Academy. Afterwards, Nagi goes on to talk with Shizuku Kurogane. During this conversation, Nagi realizes that Shizuku has become a dear friend to him, and Nagi wants to protect her.

As the Team Hagun and the student council, return from the training camp, they notice that Hagun Academy is in flames, being destroyed. Before they rush in though, Nagi though stops them, deciding to to protect his friends. Nagi tells everybody about Akatsuki, and their plan to use Nagi's Shadow Bind to immobilize everybody, and then defeat them. It's decided that Nagi will instead use his ability on the Akatsuki members.

As Team Hagun and the student council arrive to the Hagun Academy, they are greeted by Akatsuki members. These members include, Reisen Hiraga, Amane Shinomiya, Sara Bloodlily, Rinna Kazamatsuri, Yui Tatara, as well as Ouma Kurogane, who is not yet an official member. As the Akatsuki members attack the Hagun students, they are immobilized by Nagi's Shadow Bind. The Hagun students then knock out the immobilized Akatsuki members. Ikki though notices that something is wrong, as Nagi gets suddenly pierced by multiple swords. It's revealed that Amane predicted that Nagi would betray them, and they used wood clones, in place of the real members. Hiraga takes Nagi away to their headquarters, while the other Akatsuki members engage the Hagun students.

Shizuku and Ikki quickly chase after Hiraga. Stella faces Ouma, clashing her Katharterio Salamandra against Ouma's Kusanagi. Surprisingly, Stella is overpowered, with Ouma being rather disappointed by her power. The student council then step in, ordering the Team Hagun to retreat, while they fight the Akatsuki. Stella and the Hagure Sisters then escape, while the fight ensues. Despite the student council being strong, they are easily defeated by Akatsuki, with Tohka only being able to lay a scratch on Ouma. The Akatsuki members then chase after the other Team Hagun members.

As Ikki and Shizuku arrive to the headquarters, they are greeted by a woman, dressed in white and carrying two swords, This woman is Edelweiss, the worlds strongest swordsman, who is there on Rebellion's request, as she is indebted to them. Shizuku goes on to search for Nagi, while Ikki confronts Edelweiss, despite knowing that he will most likely be defeated.

Shizuku finds Nagi, but is confronted by Wallenstein, who intends on killing Shizuku. Shizuku is initially unable to even damage Wallenstein, due to his friction manipulation, and is almost killed by him. However, Shizuku manages to survive, by using a new Noble Art, Aoiro Rinne, which also allows her to suffocate Wallenstein. Shizuku then takes Nagi away.

As the fight between Ikki and Edelweiss begins, Ikki immediately activates Ittou Shura, engaging Edelweiss. Despite Ikki using a wast array of skills, he is defeated by Edelweiss, only being able to inflict a single small cut on her. Despite this, Edelweiss is rather impressed, giving Ikki her respects. Edelweiss then leaves, having repaid her debt to Rebellion.

As Akatsuki catches up to the other members of Team Hagun, they are stopped by Nene Saikyo, who has just arrived. Knowing they won't be able to defeat Nene as easily, Hiraga orders everyone to retreat.

Later, Ikki wakes up in the hospital, with Kurono on her side. Kurono explains that Akatsuki has been formed by Bakuga Tsukikage, the prime minister of Japan, and that they are going to be participating in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Due to the danger the Akatsuki have, the representatives of other schools are allowed to resign from the Festival. Hagure Sisters, Kanata Totokubara and Nagi have decided to withdraw from the Festival, with Nagi giving his membership to Shizuku. The new team then heads to the Festival, with the exception of Stella, who is going to train with Nene.

Volume 5 Edit

Having arrived to the city where the Festival is held, Ikki and Shizuku participate in a party, held for the representatives. They once again meet some Akatsuki members, in particular Sara Bloodlily, Yui Tatara and Rinna Kazamatsuri. They also meet representatives from other, such as Kuraudo Kurashiki of Tonrou Academy, Kiriko Yakushi of Rentei Academy, Renji Kaga of Rokuson Academy and the representatives of Bukyoku Academy, Byakuya Jougasaki, Momiji Asagi and the "Seven Stars Sword King" Yudai Moroboshi. Ikki also finds out that his first match will be against Yudai himself.

During the next day, Ikki, Shizuku and Nagi are asked by Yudai Moroboshi, to go eat in his family diner, Ichiban Boshi. They accept, deciding to go with Yudai. In the restaurant, they also meet with Yudai's sister Koume Moroboshi, the newspaper club member Yagokoro and Yudai's medic Kiriko Yakushi, who is also a participant in the Festival. When the group leave the diner, Ikki is confronted by his brother, who wants to defeat Ikki, so that Stella will stop caring about weaklings like him. Ouma wants Stella to get stronger, so that she will be a challenge to him. Ouma almost defeats Ikki, but the fight is interrupted by Yudai, who destroys Ouma's Noble Art, with his own. Ouma then flees, not wanting to fight Yudai.

On the next day, the match between Ikki and Yudai finally begins. Both fighters show great skill in martial arts, being able to match each other blow for blow. Though Yudai starts to gain the advantage by damaging Ikki's Device, Ikki manages turns the tables, when he remembers Edelweiss' swordsmanship, which he copied during their fight. Despite encouragements from Koume, Yudai is still defeated, making Ikki advance to the second round of the Festival. Stella also finally arrives to the Festival, being late due to her training with Nene.

Volume 6 Edit

As Stella was late to her own match, it's decided, due to her own suggestion, Stella will face all of the Block B participants, including Mikoto Tsuruya, Yui Tatara, Rinna Kazamatsuri and Reisen Hiraga, with Rinna's maid Charlotte Cordé joining later to defend Rinna. Thanks to her training, Stella has gained far more power, being able to rather easily defeat all her opponents. It's also revealed that Hiraga is a puppet himself, controlled by the strongest puppeteer in Rebellion, which results in him getting disqualified from the Festival. Yui and Rinna also withdraw from the Festival, due to injuries they received in the battle, and Mikoto, Stella's actual opponent, is eliminated from the Festival. This leaves Stella with no matches until the semi-finals.

Ikki, Shizuku, Nagi and Kiriko meet with Amane, and find out his real ability is to make all his wishes true. He uses this ability to make Kiriko withdraw from the Festival. He also announces how he wants to see Ikki uselessly battle against fate itself, as that is the part of Ikki he adores the most. This encounter worries Ikki, who tries to come up with a way to counter Amane's wicked ability. Ikki and Nagi also meet Ikki's next opponent, Byakuya Jougasaki in the bathhouse.

Later, Ikki and Stella talk in Ikki's room, with their interaction getting rather close. They are however interrupted by Sara Bloodlily. She wants to make Ikki her nude model, which enrages Stella. However, after Sara promises to draw a painting of Stella and Ikki as bride and groom, Stella starts to chase Ikki herself. Ikki though manages to escape into Ouma's room. He and Ouma briefly discuss Ouma's reasons for joining Akatsuki, before going to sleep.

Next day, it's announced that, due to Stella already defeating the entire Block B, the second round and quarter-final matches will be held on the same day. This leaves Ikki at a disadvantage. Prior to his match, Ikki meets Kuraudo Kurashiki in the waiting room, Kuraudo telling Ikki to not lose before fighting him, before his match against Sara Bloodlily. Despite Kuraudo having a new Device, and having learned Ten'i Muhou, he still loses to Sara, who creates copies of Ikki to defeat him.

Before Ikki's and Byakuya's match, Byakuya talks with Yudai, saying that Ikki needs to save his Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu for the quarter-finals match, and without those abilities Byakuya will be able to defeat him in 23 moves. However, Ikki to came to this realization, forcing him to use Ittou Rasetsu, to defeat Byakuya in 0.8 seconds.

Volume 7 Edit

After Ikki's battle, comes Shizuku's battle against Momiji Asagi, which Shizuku wins. Ikki rests in the sickbay, while Sara creeps on him. Stella though stops Sara, deciding to help Ikki. Ikki also wakes up due to all the commotion. After Sara's apron rips, they decide to head to the city to shop for new clothes. Ikki also meets his father Itsuki, who says that he's ready to cut Ikki's ties to the Kurogane Family, if Ikki wants to.

Ikki, Stella, Sara, Shizuku and Nagi go shopping, buying new clothes for Sara. Sara also tells that she joined Akatsuki because she's indebted to Rebellion, due to them curing her disease. In private, Sara also tells Ikki that she learned to love art after her father died, and she wants to finish his painting. Ikki makes an agreement with Sara, that if she wins their quarter-finals, Ikki will be her nude model.

Just before Ikki's match with Sara, Itsuki comes to meet Ikki again, asking about his former proposition. Ikki though, after hearing about Sara's relationship wit her father, decides that he will stay in the Krogane Family, as no matter what his relationship is with Itsuki, he is still a Kurogane. Ikki also thinks about how Itsuki himself was molded by his own father, Genma Kurogane. After hearing Ikki's response, Itsuki says that Ikki has become a big person.

In the quarter-finals match, between Ikki and Sara, Sara creates a copy of Edelweiss, which possesses her strength. Ikki though manages to defeat it, as it doesn't possess Edelweiss' intelligence. Sara also creates copies of Ikki himself and a gladiator warrior called Mario Rosso. Despite this, Ikki still beats Sara, defeating all her copies.

After Ikki's and Sara's match, is supposed to be Shizuku's and Amane's match, but neither of the combatants, enter the arena. A monitor then turns on, showing Shizuku being pierced by multiple swords, belonging to Amane.

Volume 8 Edit

It's revealed that, Shizuku and Nagi attacked Amane, prior to the start of the match, in an attempt to injure him so badly, he couldn't fight against Ikki in the semi-finals. However, they were unable to defeat Amane, as his Noble Art, Nameless Glory was too powerful for them. Amane knocked Nagi unconscious and pierced Shizuku with multiple swords. As a monitor begins to broadcast everything that's happening in the waiting room, Amane reveals to everyone, Shizuku's deep love for Ikki, embarrassing her infront of everyone. Stella though saves Shizuku, stopping Amane. After this, Shizuku is then disqualified for attacking Amane, making Amane advance to the semi-finals where he will challenge Ikki. Stella will also face Ouma Kurogane in her semi-final match.

Prior to the matches, Bakuga Tsukikage comes to meet Ikki. He reveals to him, Amane's past and true identity, wanting Ikki to use this information to provoke Amane. Tsukikage does this, so that Amane won't just give up the match, because he adores Ikki.

The first semi-final match is between Stella and Ouma. Initially Ouma has the advantage, bein both stronger and faster than Stella. Ouma tells Stella how he faced the leader of Rebellion, Tyrant, and was nearly killed by him. Realizing how weak he still was, Ouma strove to reach an "evolution", that would grant him more power, wishing that battling Stella would grant him that. Stella however refuses to lose, activating her new Noble Art, Dragon Spirit, which gives her the power of a dragon. Gaining more strength and speed, Stella overwhelms Ouma, defeating him.

Next up, is Ikki's fight against Amane. As Tsukikage planned, Ikki provokes Amane, angering him and making him want to fight Ikki. Ikki manages to overcome the Nameless Glory, by continually advancing and correcting his mistakes. After a few strikes, Amane is damaged so badly, he cannot continue. Infuriated, Amane decides to take control of his fate, gaining a dark aura, which fulfills his desires. Fueled by Amane's hate for Ikki, it kills everything it touches. Ikki however, is able to beat Amane, but is himself badly injured by the aura. Thankfully, Ikki is healed by Kiriko Yakushi, as her revenge against Amane.

This leaves Ikki and Stella the only remaining combatants, who will then face each other in the Finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Volume 9 Edit

On the day of the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, many people are drawn to the finals, including the student council of Hagun Academy and even the world's strongest swordsman, Edelweiss. Edelweiss meets with Bakuga Tsukikage, whose plans had failed due to the loss of Akatsuki.There are also other famous Blazers who intend on watching the finals, including an armored individual, a Chinese girl in bandages and an agent of the US.

Ikki trains for the match against Stella, battling numerous other students, including Nagi, Byakuya Jougasaki, Momiji Asagi, Renji Kaga and the Hagure Sisters. He also has a rematch against Tohka Todo, who uses a new Noble Art called Inazuma, which increases the speed of her swings, but is defeated by Ikki. Ikki also has a rematch against his first round opponent, Yudai Moroboshi, who showcases faster attacks and a knowledge of Ikki's techniques. Ikki though manages to defeat him, by using his perfect body control to focus all of his body on fending off Yudai's attacks, defeating him. There is one more opponent Ikki needs to face, that being his brother Ouma, who has arrived per Ikki's request. Ouma has the advantage against Ikki, due to his monstrous strength and durability, har surpassing Ikki. Ikki, however, is able to keep up with Ouma, and even push him back with his new third secret sword technique, Madoka, which delivers the power of Ouma's attacks back at him. Ouma, being shocked by Ikki's skill and resolve, wonders if Ikki does, in fact, possess his own kind of strength. Ouma then unleashes his power ready to face Ikki. The remainder of their battle is, however, unseen.

Ikki and Stella face each other in the finals, with their friends and other participants spectating the match. There are also other important figures watching the match, including Edelweiss. Both Ikki and Stella showcase a variety of techniques, with Stella having immense power with Dragon Spirit, while Ikki uses more indirect attacks. Despite being both very skilled, Stella eventually starts to gain the advantage.

Edelweiss explains the reason behind Stella's power, is her extremely great fate. She explains that every human has a certain fate, and those with greater fates have more power than those with lesser fates. Ikki however, refuses to give up, breaking the chains of fate binding him, and gaining even greater power. Ikki manages to defeat Stella, with an improvised technique called Oikage, which strikes so fast, even Ikki's shadow can't keep up. This makes Ikki the winner of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

After the match, both Ikki and Stella are resting in the hospital room. Despite previously being against it, Ikki agrees to have sex with Stella, as he has come to love her even more. The next day, Shizuku and Nagi enter their room and notice what they have been doing, which prompts Shizuku to furiously attack Stella.

Later, Stella and Ikki discuss how they will have to go to Vermillion, to meet Stella's family. This upcoming meeting, makes Ikki very nervous, although Stella encourages him. Ikki is then crowned the Seven Stars Sword King.

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  • Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc is currently the longest arc, with three more volumes than any other arc.

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