There is a painting that I want to finish no matter what. But before I can paint it, I need to go around the world to widen my knowledge.
—Sara Bloodlily
Sara Bloodlily
Kana サラ・ブラッドリリー
Romaji Sara Buraddorirī
Gender Female
Nickname/s Bloody Da Vinci
Mario Rosso
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Yellow
Device Brush of Demiurge
Personal Status
Relatives Rinna Kazamatsuri (adoptive sister)
Kouzou Kazamatsuri (adoptive father)
Affiliations Akatsuki
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking A (originally C)
Physical F
Luck D
Offense C
Defense F
Magic Cap A
Magic Ctl A
Voice Actor

Sara Bloodlily, known worldwide more commonly by her alias "Mario Rosso" is a member of Akatsuki and a famous painter.


Sara is a well-endowed girl with long blonde hair that has 2 colored strands, red and blue, and has purple eyes. Due to her magic, Sara prefers to wear nothing but a smock-apron on her upper body.

Later when given other clothes by Stella Vermillion, Sara wears the outfits in the most revealing ways as possible, usually exposing a great deal of her bra (if wearing one)and cleavage.


Sara appears to have a rather flirtatious and playful personality, especially towards Ikki Kurogane whom she seems to have a strong attraction towards him because of his "perfect male body". Because of this, she desires to use Ikki as a model for her masterpiece.

Sara has also shown great observation skills when she was taking care of a baby with Ikki and Stella where she immediately understood the crying baby's need and calmed the baby by pretending to breast-feed him and singing a Italian lullaby. [1]


Sara lived in the middle of a mountain in Italy and spent a lot of her childhood in bed due to having brittle bone disease. Her father was obsessed with art and spent all his time on drawing a certain painting but then he died from his chronic disease worsening. Sara at first hated drawings for taking her father away from her but she decided to finish her father's incomplete work in order to understand him better.

Sara was later adopted by her father’s friend, Kouzou Kazamatsuri who was Rinna Kazamatsuri's father and became Rinna's step-sister. Rinna's father was acquainted with the "Grand Professor", one of the 12 Apostles of Rebellion, who was able to treat her disease. She eventually became a world-famous painter under the alias Mario Rosso, with one of her painting being worth 1.4 Billion USD. She participated in Rebellion activities to pay back the debt from her surgery and traveled around the world looking for the ideal model for her incomplete painting. At some point, likely during Sara's travels through the world, Sara was present during an incident in the Middle-East known as the "Big Cleanup", where she witnessed the abilities of Edelweiss' swordsmanship. This later allowed Sara to create copies of her with her abilities.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Sara is seen, along with the other members of Akatsuki, going to Hagun Academy with the intentions of destroying it.

After doing so, the participants of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, from Hagun had arrived, and Nagi was able to hold the Akatsuki members position. This is, however revealed to be a ploy, as the people that the students of Hagun Academy struck down turned out to be puppets who were made to look and act exactly like the people of Akatsuki, which was made possible by Sara herself using Trick Art.

After Ikki, Shizuku, Stella and the Hagure sisters leave the scene, the Akatsuki members were able to defeat the student council members easily. They had then decided on going after the Hagure sisters and Stella.

When they had finally caught up with the Hagure sisters and Stella, they were stopped by Nene, who was able to stop the Akatsuki members by using her gravity manipulation Noble Art. The members of Akatsuki decides to retreat as they had done what the came to do.

LN Vol 5 special illustration

Sara approaching Ikki

Party Crashers Edit

During the party before the Festival, Sara saw Ikki and after she had ripped off Ikki's shirt, for inspection, Sara discovered that Ikki was her personification of the perfect male body and begged him to model nude for her so she could finish her masterpiece much to Ikki's embarrassment and confusion. Although she was about to strip Ikki by force, she gets knocked out by an angry Shizuku before she could. She is then hauled off out of the party.

Conclusion of the First Match Edit

At another point, Sara approached Ikki again after he and Stella are having a moment and asked Ikki to be her model rather erotically causing Stella grief. However, after some bonding, Stella agrees to let Sara "borrow" Ikki for her masterpiece on the conditions that Sara is to paint a portrait of Stella and Ikki in a wedding attire for the royal gallery at her home and Stella can watch Sara paint Ikki nude; all of which Sara quickly agreed to. With the agreement, Sara and Stella chase down Ikki who refused the deal.

LN vol 6 color illustration 4 Sara vs Kuraudo

Sara vs Kuraudo

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Round 2, Begins Edit

In the 2nd round of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Sara battled Kuraudo Kurashiki. Kuraudo and Sara traded equal blows, with Sara utilizing Color of Magic, while Kuraudo used Jakkojin, enhanced by his new Device. As Kuraudo began to gain the upperhand on Sara. However, Sara finally activates her strongest Noble Art, Purple Caricature, which gives her the ability to turn her drawings into reality.

Sara summons weaponry, like a missile and a battalion of skeletons, but Kuraudo manages to counter these creations, by utilizing Ayatsuji Itto-ryu and it's final technique, Ten'i Muhou, which he learned from Kaito Ayatsuji after being defeated by Ikki. Sara however, uses her Purple Caricature to summon a copy of Ikki Kurogane himself. Kuraudo manages too defeat the one copy, after hearing encouragement from Ikki, but Sara defeats him by summoning more copies, which overwhelm Kuraudo.

The Rowdy Medical Room Edit

After her battle of Kuraudo, Sara once again tries to get Ikki to pose nude for her, but this time Stella stops her. As Ikki wakes up, he sees Sara being tied up by Stella, greatly confusing him. When Stella releases Sara she quickly leaves, needing to go to the bathroom, when Sara return, she once again demands Ikki to be her model, but suddenly the strings of her apron snap, exposing her breasts. Stella, realizing that if Sara's outfit would "malfunction" like this in her match against Ikki, it would distract him and possibly lose him the match, decides that the will go to shop for new clothes. Nagi Arisuin and Shizuku Kurogane also accompany them.

The Warriors' Slightly Boisterous Break Edit

LN Vol 7 illustration 06

Sara's new clothes.

Sara, Ikki, Stella, Shizuku and Nagi go to the mall, needing to hide themselves from the crowds of people that follow them. Per Ikki's suggestion, Nagi instructs Sara on cosmetics and clothes, which Sara has no knowledge of, greatly exhausting her. As she tries on some make-up, Nagi asks why she works with Rebellion, with Sara telling that she is in debt to Rebellion, as one of their Numbers, Grand Professor, cured her of her illness. Nagi attempts to find Sara better clothes, but finds out that she can't wear much clothing, as her body is too weak. Nagi eventually settles for a more revealing, but safer outfit.

After Nagi and Shizuku leave, Stella finds a baby, who appeared in the changing room, most likely having awakened it's Blazer abilities, something that's very rare for small children. As the baby starts crying, Stella and Ikki are helpless, but Sara manages to calm it down, letting it suck on her breasts and singing it a lullaby, which puts it to sleep. Surprisingly, Sara's singing also makes Stella fall asleep. Sara tells Ikki, that when she was a child her father spent all her time on painting. At first Sara hated paintings because they took all her dad's time, but when her father dies, Sara decides to finish the painting, because her father had spent so much into it. She was adopted by Rinna Kazamatsuri's father, Kouzou Kazamatsuri, who helped her treat her ilness. Hearing Sara's story, Ikki then promises that if Sara defeats him in the quarter-finals, he will be her nude model.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

LN Vol 7 color illustration 03

Sara summons a copy of Edelweiss.

The next day the quarter-finals begin, with Sara fighting against Ikki. Sara uses her Purple Caricature to create a copy of the world's strongest blazer "The Twin-Wings" Edelweiss. Ikki struggles against this copy, but eventually figures out that the copy lacks the thinking of the real Edelweiss, and thus doesn't have her tactical abilities. Ikki manages to use this, by tricking the copy and defeats it.

After this Sara tries to use her Purple Caricature, to create four copies of Ikki, but the real Ikki easily defeats them all, because he knows his own weaknesses. Sara's last effort is using her Purple Caricature to create a giant golem, called "Mario Rosso", but Ikki defeats her despite this, with one last slash. Sara is thus eliminated from the Festival.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Festival is Over Edit

After the finals of the Festival, between Ikki and Stella, Sara participates in the party held after the Festival. She is immobilized by the drunken Kiriko Yakushi, who then examines Sara. This greatly displeases Sara. Later Sara goes to the bathhouse with the other girls.

Night of Massacre Edit

Sara, along with Rinna and Charlotte, brings Bakuga Tsukikage to the destroyed Rebellion headquarters, to meet Kouzou Kazamatsuri.


Artistic Skill : As a highly skilled painter her artwork sold for extremely large sums of money.

Art Manipulation: Sara's ability as a Blazer is to manipulate art, more specifically colors and images. This allows her to have a wast array of different powers.


Brush of Demiurge (デミウルゴスの筆 Demiurugosu no Fude): Sara's Device. It takes the form of a painting set.

  • Trick Art ( 騙し絵, Deceptive Picture): A noble art of Sara's, that allows her to create exact copies of any individual she likes, copying behavior, aura, spirit, voice, and face perfectly.
  • Color of Magic (色彩魔術カラー・オブ・マジック, Karā Obu Majikku): One of Sara's Noble Arts, the effects of this Noble Arts changes based on the color used by Sara. For example, by using gray color, Sara can turn her body into steel.
  • Purple Caricature (幻想戯画, Illusion Caricature): Sara's strongest ability, which lets her make the images she draws reality. With this ability she can create objects, like missiles or even copies of people, like Edelweiss.


  • Sara has a weak body, even being knocked out by Shizuku Kurogane (who is quite small for her age and not even that physically strong) and breaking a bone after tripping. Her body is so weak, that she can't even wear much clothing. Rinna Kazamatsuri even said the reason for her nickname, the "Bloody Da Vinci", is because she's usually stained in her own blood.
  • Sara was initially labelled as a C-rank Blazer, but later it is changed to A-rank after her true power is revealed.
  • Sara is Rinna Kazamatsuri's adopted sister, being adopted by Rinna's father.
  • Sara's breasts are known to be bigger than even Stella's, and on one time, nearly showed them to Ikki, while trying to seduce him into being her model.


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