Kurogane FamilyEdit

Ikki KuroganeEdit

Ryoma, unlike most of the family, cares a great deal for Ikki, as he is his great-grand father, but much more of his father figure as well. Ryoma is the one who encouraged Ikki to become a Knight and never give up and gave him the confidence to keep going no matter how hard, or painful, it got.

Genma Kurogane Edit

Genma was the son of Ryoma. He was far more strict and extreme than his father, eventually overthrowing him as the Head of the Family.

Shizuku Kurogane Edit

Great grand daughter. They are the only two to encourage Ikki from the Kurogane family.

Ouma Kurogane Edit

Great grandson.

Itsuki Kurogane Edit


Others Edit

Torajirou Nangou Edit

Ryoma's rival, during his life. They were both described as some the strongest Blazers of their time. They also seemed to have great respect for each other.

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