"Are you frustrated to the fact that you are the weakest one? If so, hold on to that feeling. That's proof that you haven't given up yet, on yourself. Listen, don't give up saying that you're living within your boundaries. Don't be a boring person like that. If you have the guts to not give up, you can become anything you want to be. We're living creatures that don't have wings, but still went to the moon."
—- Ryoma Kurogane
Ryoma Kurogane
Kana 黒鉄龍馬
Romaji Kurogane Ryoma
Gender Male
Nickname/s Samurai Ryoma
Great Hero
Personal Status
Relatives Genma Kurogane (Son)
Itsuki Kurogane (Grandson)
Unnamed Granddaughter-in-law
Ouma Kurogane (Great-grandson)
Ikki Kurogane (Great-grandson)
Shizuku Kurogane (Great-granddaughter)
Affiliations Kurogane Family (Former)
Status Deceased
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Kinryū Arimoto (Japanese)
Josh Morrison (English)

Ryoma Kurogane widely known as "Samurai Ryoma" is a legendary Blazer and Ikki's great-grandfather.


Ryoma in his youth was a very strong man, who was only seen wearing his leg length jet black hair, in a ponytail. He was also only seen wearing an old age kimono, carrying a blade along with him.

In his elder days, Ryoma is seen with long back length white hair, as well as a white beard, and mustache combo. He is also only seen wearing a Kimono, albeit without the colored jacket though, as well as the sword.


It seems as though Ryoma was a courageous and brave man, as he was once a legendary Blazer, who courageously participated, and almost led Japan to victory, in World War 2. He also seems kind as he, not caring about what his other family members thought of his great-grandson, encouraged Ikki to continue the path of becoming a Mage-Knight.

His ideologies greatly differed from the strict guidelines of the Kurogane Family.


Samurai Ryoma

Ryoma in his youth

A legendary Blazer, a legendary samurai, and a war veteran, whose name is well known throughout the world, he almost led Japan to victory in World War 2. Ryoma had a long time rival named Torajirou Nangou.

Ryoma was the Head of the Kurogane Family until he was overthrown by his own son Genma Kurogane and the elders, who disapproved of Ryoma's differing ideologies. Ryoma was half-exiled from the family. Ryoma is also mentioned having spectated the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival final between Kurono Shinguuji and Nene Saikyo.

It is implied that Ryoma taught the young Edelweiss in swordsmanship, although this is not confirmed.

When Ikki was a child, Ryoma appears before him, encouraging the boy who was never given an opportunity to believe in himself and never give up. A few months after his encounter with his great-grandson, Ryoma dies of old age.


Master Swordsmanship: Ryoma was mentioned being an extremely skilled swordsman, even among the highly recognized Kurogane Family. He likely used the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu swordsmanship, a style used by the members of the Kurogane Family.


Unnamed Sword: Ryoma was mentioned wielding a sword.


  • It is a common theory, that Ryoma is Tyrant, the leader of Rebellion, as they share many similarities. Both are strong characters, who have been around for a long time, and harbor at least some good intentions. Kouzou Kazamatsuri, one of the Numbers of Rebellion, also seems to be affiliated with Ryoma in some way.
  • It's implied that Ryoma taught Edelweiss in swordsmanship, as Edelweiss' master is mentioned being an old Japanese man.