I hate things that aren't fun. It's because I'm a Pierrot. I always have to be laughing.
—Reisen Hiraga
Reisen Hiraga
Kana 平賀玲泉
Romaji Hiraga Reisen
Gender Male
Nickname/s Pierrot
Hair Color Black
Device Black Widow
Personal Status
Affiliations Akatsuki
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking B-Rank
Physical C
Luck C
Offense D
Defense C
Magic Cap C
Magic Ctl A
Voice Actor

Reisen Hiraga is the leader of Akatsuki Academy student representatives for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival and a B-rank Blazer. After being defeated by Stella Vermillion in Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, it is revealed that he is just a puppet himself being control by the best puppeteer in Rebellion, Or-Gaule.


Hiraga dresses like a clown. He wears a white mask with two black slits for eyes and a larger black slit for the mouth. The masks eye slits have red slits going through them.


Befitting of his appearance, Hiraga tends to speak in a joking tone, never taking things too seriously. He has also shown to be a very calm individual as he was able to calmly stop the deteriorating situation with Nene and his fellow Akatsuki members.

Hiraga is highly cruel, manipulative, and sadistic, being considered "pure evil" compared to the rest of his team.


Hiraga is a puppet created by Or-Gaule, one of the Numbers of Rebellion to act as a part of the Akatsuki Academy.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Incident of Okutama Edit

Reisen is the mastermind behind the "giant" that appear in the mountain of Okutama, using his puppeteer skill to test the abilities of Tohka Todo, who is one of the top 4 Student Knights of the nation. Hiraga is seen discussing the incident with Ouma Kurogane, who believes that Hiraga's activities were useless, needlessly risking himself. Hiraga though doesn't care for Ouma's criticism, wanting to just have fun.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Siege, Reunion and Trap Edit

Hiraga talks with Nagi on the phone, in which Nagi informs him which of Hagun Academy's students are in the seven sword art festival. Hiraga then states that the main actors have yet to be introduced to the play, alluding to another school participant in the festival named Akatsuki.

Training camp and Scheme Edit

Hiraga is contacted by Nagi, who had just knocked out Kagami, and wondered if he should kill her. Hiraga tells him not to as it would be too much trouble taking care of the body and informs Nagi that their plan of attack would happen tomorrow morning.

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Hiraga is then seen along with other members of Akatsuki going to Hagun Academy with the intentions of destroying it.

After they had done so, the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival participants had arrived and they were able to strike down the Akatsuki members easily thanks to Nagi restraining them. However, Nagi is struck down by Amane and it is revealed that they were wooden dolls, created by one of the Akatsuki members, as the had seen Nagi's betrayal coming. Hiraga then takes Nagi away going to the Akatsuki Academy, causing Shizuku and Ikki to chase after him.

After Hiraga had tied up Nagi, he had gone back to where the other Akatsuki members were, as they were facing Nene who is able to easily stop them from bringing any harm to Stella or the Hagure sisters. He decides to point out to Ouma, the only one who still had the ability to fight Nene, that they had done what they had came to do, suggesting that they should retreat for now.

One vs Four Edit

Hiraga teams up with Mikoto Tsuruya, Rinna and Yui to take on Stella for her first round of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Hiraga stands in the back, as his teammates try and fight Stella, although they are easily overpowered. After his teammates are easily taken out by Stella's immense power, Hiraga activates his trump card Marionette which allows him to make Mikoto into his puppet and draw out her full ability against Stella. He tries to use Mikoto as a hostage as he strikes Stella with a powerful doll, called Deus Ex Machina, however, Stella is still able to overpower Hiraga, causing him to be exposed as a puppet. Hiraga then admits to Stella that he is nothing more than a doll controlled by Rebellion's best puppeteer, Or-Gaule, right before being squashed under Stella's foot.


Doll Manipulation: Hiraga has the ability to manipulate natural materials, such as wood or rocks, and use them as dolls for combat.

  • Marionette: A technique that allows Hiraga to manipulate humans as though they are puppets, which allows him to draw out the humans fullest fighting ability, but also making them lose their very consciousness. The activation of the ability takes some time.

Puppet Body: Being a doll, Hiraga can't feel any pain or fatigue.


Black Widow (地獄蜘蛛の糸, Jigoku Kumo no Ito, lit."Hell-Spider's Silk"): Hiraga's device takes that of a shape of wires, which he uses to manipulate dolls as well as the blazers with, cutting off their magic.

  • Deus Ex Machina: Hiraga's strongest doll and his ace. It's over fifty meters tall and very strong and durable. It wields a giant whip as a weapon. Because of its size and strength summoning it takes some time.


  • In the anime due to the exclusion of the Akatsuki storyline, it was an unnamed blazer working for Akaza who controlled the stone dolls.