We, who bring truth to this world replete with deceptions, are Rebellion.
The Liberation Army, Rebellion (解方軍リベリオン) is a name of a Crime Syndicate in A Chivalry of a Failed Knight. It is one of the three major powers of the world, along with the League of Mage-Knight Nations and the Union.


Rebellion leader and its follower

Believers cheering for Rebellion's ideals

Rebellion is the most infamous crime syndicate in the world, referring to Blazers as "the chosen new breed of humans" and referred to all the others as "inferior breed". Their leader and founder is the mysterious individual known as the Tyrant. Rebellion's main goal is to destroy the society that thought Blazers should protect humans and to create their own paradise where the "chosen breed" (Blazers) will rule over the "inferior breed" (non-Blazers). Ironically, despite being an organization for Blazers, the majority of its members are non-Blazers who are referred to as "followers" while the Blazers, who are referred to as "apostles", are a minority. Their headquarters is located somewhere in the Alps.

Rebellion's leadership consists of its leader, the Tyrant, and its top executives who are referred as "Numbers". However, even though the Blazers generally command over the non-Blazers in the organization, more than half of the Numbers are actually non-Blazers. Only very few of the Numbers are powerful Blazers while the others are country leaders, rich people, powerful businessmen and such. Later one of the Numbers, Or-Gaule, rebels against Rebellion along with Ein and Big Baby with the help of Naseem Al-Salem, killing 8 of the 12 Numbers including Wallenstein.


Name Position Nickname Status
Bishou Unit Leader N/A Imprisoned
Nagi Arisuin Assassin Black Assassin Defected
Yui Tatara Assassin The Unturning Active
Ein Abgrund Assassin Dirty Rose Defected
Big Baby Assassin BB Defected
Wallenstein Executive(Numbers) One-Armed Swordsman Deceased
Or-Gaule Executive(Numbers) Puppet King Defected
Kouzou Kazamatsuri Executive(Numbers) N/A Active
Unnamed Executive(Numbers) Grand Professor Active
Unnamed Leader Tyrant Active

*7 unseen members of the Numbers were killed during Or-Gaule's uprising.