Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream~.
Gender Male
Nickname/s The Puppet King
Hair Color Grayish-white
Eye Color Red and blue
Device Black Widow
Personal Status
Relatives Iris Ascarid (sister)
Affiliations Rebellion (former)
Team Cradleland
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Or-Gaule was one of the Numbers of Rebellion and their best puppeteer, until his betrayal against the organization. He is the current ruler of Cradleland. His real name is revealed to be Orleus-Gaule.

Appearance Edit

LN Vol 10 Illustration 10

Or-Gaule's full appearance

Or-Gaule is a young looking boy, with grayish-white hair. He wears a black hooded coat. He also has red and blue differing eyes.

Personality Edit

Or-Gaule is a cruel and playful person, who enjoys the suffering of others, like it was entertainment similar to movies. He also only cares about his own objectives, easily going against the orders of an organization as mighty as Rebellion. He also is very prideful of his power as a Desperado.

History Edit

Or-Gaule grew up in a small village in France. Through unknown means, he managed to reach his Awakening and become a Desperado by the age of 10. On his tenth birthday, Or-Gaule trapped all of the residents of the village in a chapel, taking control of them with his Blazer abilities. Or-Gaule killed all of the residents, except for his sister, Iris-Gaule, who he controlled to kill many of the people. The government eventually broke into the chapel, but Or-Gaule managed to escape, using Iris to stall the police. This incident became unknown as La Croix Sanglant. At some point after this, Or-Gaule was brought into Rebellion by Wallenstein.

Or-Gaule controlled the Akatsuki leader Reisen Hiraga, as his puppet. When Stella destroyed Hiraga, she attracted Or-Gaule's interest leading to him rebelling against Rebellion.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Opening of a Tragedy Edit

Or-Gaule appears in Cradleland, where the Cradleland-Team, consisting of the leader Johann, Luke, Mira, Enalis and Lid. Or-Gaule easily overwhelms the team, taking control of Johann, who then kills his entire team. Or-Gaule then takes control of the whole country and kills the current King of Cradleland.

Night of Massacre Edit

Or-Gaule is revealed to have destroyed the Rebellion headquarters. He fought Wallenstein, and was almost defeated by him, although Or-Gaule was not taking the fight seriously. Wallenstein is then killed by Naseem Al-Salem, who orders All-Goal to stop messing around. Or-Gaule then meets his two other followers, Ein and Big Baby, who have killed 7 of the 12 Apostles. Or-Gaule and his followers then head for Cradleland.

The Nation Named Vermillion Edit

LN Vol 11 illustration 4

Or-Gaule having his arm cut off by Ascarid.

Or-Gaule later makes Johann call Lunaeyes and invite her, as well as Ikki and Stella, to Cradleland. This works, and when Lunaeyes, Stella and Ikki arrive and meet Johann and rest of his team, who are actually just bodies being controlled by Or-Gaule.

Or-Gaule the ambushes Lunaeyes, Stella and Ikki, and attacks them with Grand Guignol. Ikki manages to block this with Ittou Rasetsu, although this drains him of all his power. Or-Gaule then subdues Lunaeyes, while Stella is fighting Johann. After seeing Or-Gaule tormenting her sister, Stella activates Dragon Spirit and attacks Or-Gaule. Or-Gaule though takes control of Ikki, and puts him in front of Stella, so she's forced to stop. All of the sudden Iris Ascarid appears and cuts off Or-Gaule's right arm.

Despite getting his arm cut off, Or-Gaule is unfazed and even excited by Ascarid's appearance. Ascarid though chooses not to battle Or-Gaule, and simply teleports Lunaeyes, Stella, and Ikki back to Vermillion, with a knife she got from Norman Creed, the Vice-Leader of the League of Mage-Knight Nations.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Or-Gaule later appears in the Battle of Kardia between Cradleland, controlled by him, and Vermillion forces supported by the League of Mage-Knight Nations. He arrives riding on Johann's Device's true form, along with Lunaeyes. Lunaeyes then demands that everyone stop their fighting, and declares that the tournament between Cradleland and Vermillion will be held, to decide the fates of the two nations. This was an agreement she made with Or-Gaule.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After the announcement, Or-Gaule explains his reasoning for agreeing to Lunaeyes' terms, saying that he didn't expect the League to intervene so quickly, and he doesn't want them to interfere in his playing with Stella and her country. Or-Gaule also calms down Naseem, who was annoyed by Or-Gaule stopping his fight with Nene Saikyo. Or-Gaule tells the enraged mercenary that he will be able to fight Nene in the upcoming tournament.

Or-Gaule, along with Naseem, Ein, Big Baby and Johann, is later announced as participating in the tournament as Team Cradleland.

LN Vol 13 illustration 4

Or-Gaule vs Ascarid

Imperial War Outbreak Edit

On the day of the tournament, Or-Gaule and the rest of Team Cradleland face Team Vermillion in the capital of Cradleland, Lucier, that is the battlefield for the battle royale tournament. As the tournament starts, Naseem creates a sandstorm that sends everyone, apart from Nene, flying through the air. Once he has landed, Or-Gaule uses multiple puppets that resemble the people of the La Croix Sanglant incident, to torment Ascarid. Infuriated, Ascarid destroys the puppets and calls to his brother, using his real name, Orleus. Or-Gaule then appears, ready to face Ascarid, noting that this will be the continuation of La Croix Sanglant.

Storm and Stress Edit

Or-Gaule and Ascarid battle, throughout the capital, with Or-Gaule using his strings to dodge many of Ascarid's slashes. Despite dealing a great deal of damage to her, Ascarid is able to remain uninjured thanks to her Device, Orichalcos, healing any wounds she receives. Due to this, Or-Gaule instead attacks her emotionally, reminding her of the people that died in the incident almost 10 years ago. This causes Ascarid, to become more, angered, charging at Or-Gaule even more furiously. Or-Gaule attempts to use Marionette to take control of Ascarid, like he did in their childhood, but this ability doesn't work on Ascarid, due to her abilities as a Desperado, which have caused her hate and persistence to become like a curse that prevents Or-Gaule's abilities.

Or-Gaule continues to attempt to use his other Noble Arts, Deus Ex Machina and Grand Guignol, to attack Ascarid, but she continues to push through, managing to damage Or-Gaule through his Spider's Nest string-armor. Or-Gaule then attempts to use another tactic, attempting to suffocate Ascarid with his strings, as her recovery abilities won't save her from lack of air. Despite being strangled by Or-Gaule's strings, Ascarid keeps on attacking him, crushing his wrist and trying to strangle him herself, before she loses consciousness. Or-Gaule though manages to escape, using his strings to climb up to the sky, where Ascarid can't reach him. However, Stella suddenly attacks him from the behind, using Katharterio Salamandra.

Abilities Edit

Desperado: Or-Gaule is a Desperado, a person that has broken the chains of fate. As a Desperado, Or-Gaule has an incredible amount of magic power, even greater than Stella. As he exists outside of fate, he also has shown being very capable in the manipulation of fate itself, being able to spread fear around him.

Doll Manipulation: Or-Gaule has the ability to manipulate natural materials to form dolls he uses for combat. He can even use this ability through his own dolls. It is not a combat oriented one, but can be used in more indirect ways.

  • Marionette: Or-Gaule can use his threads to control other people. He was even able to control hundreds of people simultaneously. He was also capable of controlling other Blazers and bring out their full power.

Great Speed: Or-Gaule has shown being quite fast, being able to dodge multiple slashes from Ascarid. He uses his strings to improve his maneuverability.

Great Endurance: Or-Gaule is capable of withstanding a large amount of damage and keep on fighting, like in his battle against Asacrid.

Puppets: Or-Gaule is mentioned having 1 762 mechanical puppets, that he can control from anywhere.

  • Reisen Hiraga: Hiraga was one of the puppets of Or-Gaule. He used it to become a part of Akatsuki and enter the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. It was destroyed by Stella Vermillion.
  • Copy Puppets: Or-Gaule has a number of puppets that greatly resemble the victims of the La Croix Sanglant incident. One of these copies is Iris Ascarid in her childhood. They were destroyed by Ascarid.

Device Edit

Black Widow (地獄蜘蛛の糸, Jigoku Kumo no Ito, lit."Hell-Spider's Silk"): Or-Gaule's Device takes the form of multiple threads. They are sharp enough to cut through people and can be used to launch large objects like arrows. These threads can also be used for communication.

  • Grand Guignol (lit. "Murder Party"): Or-Gaule uses his threads to cut his opponents instantly into dozens of pieces of meat. It is strong enough for Ikki to need to use Ittou Rasetsu in order to block it.
  • Spider's Nest: Or-Gaule surrounds himself with an invisible armor, made of threads. It is strong enough to repel bullets and explosions.
  • Deus Ex Machina: One of Or-Gaule's dolls, and presumably his strongest one. It is gigantic and wielded a whip.

Trivia Edit

  • Or-Gaule has a base of operations located inside a ruin in the jungles of South-Asia, where keeps his mechanical puppets.
  • Or-Gaule's Noble Art, Grand Guignol, is named after a famous French theater that specialized in horror shows. It was also known as the "Theater of the Great Puppet".

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