Hagun AcademyEdit

Kurono ShinguujiEdit

She seems to have a very friendly relationship with Kurono, as she is seen calling Kurono Kuu-chan. They also seem to have a deep trust with each other, as Kurono actually hired Saikyo because she knew she would be a good teacher.

Ikki KuroganeEdit

Nene has been shown to be very playful with Ikki, as when they first met she had was playing around with him, even going as far as flirting with him, in a playful manner. She has shown to also care about Ikki, as she wanted to hit Akaza for all the things he had done to Ikki, during his detainment.

Stella Vermillion Edit

Nene trained Stella for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. They share a friendly relationship, though Nene often teases Stella. Nene acts as a kind of mentor to Stella, wishing for her to become stronger.

Yuuri Oreki Edit

Fellow teacher.

League of Mage-Knight Nations Edit

Norman Creed Edit

Norman, as the Vice.Leader of the League, has authority to command Nene, in businesses concerning the League. Nene seems to be on friendly terms with Norman, being able to persuade him in to agreeing to the terms of the tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland.


Torajirou NangouEdit

Being Nene's mentor, Nene has a very close relationship with Torajirou. She also respects Torajirou the most in the entire world. Despite this, Nene is often embarrassed when Torajirou is mentioned.

Mamoru AkazaEdit

Nene despises Akaza, for his actions against Ikki, going as far as insulting him by calling him a red Tanuki. She even wanted to chase after Akaza after he had left, not being satisfied with him being shocked by the results of Ikki's match against Tohka.

Naseem Al-Salem Edit

Nene has a playful attitude towards the dangerous mercenary Naseem, despite the latter's power. Nene flirted with him during their battle, claiming that he was her type, while Naseem was largely uninterested in her, at least emotionally. Naseem however, wishes to battle Nene, due to her great strength.

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