Momiji Asagi
Age Female
Nickname/s Onibi
Hair Color Black
Device Hibachi
Personal Status
Affiliations Bukyoku Academy
Team Bukyoku
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical C
Luck D
Offense C
Defense E
Magic Cap D
Magic Ctl B
Voice Actor

Momiji Asagi is a student from Bukyoku Academy and ranked 3rd in the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. She also participated in the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival as a part of Team Bukyoku.

Appearance Edit

Momiji has a rather childish appearance. She has black hair and a cute face.

Personality Edit

Momiji is a nice girl, who is also brave and confident. She is proud of her position as one of the strongest student knights in Japan.

History Edit

Momiji was trained by the legendary blazer Torajirou Nangou, the rival of Ryoma Kurogane. She also got up to the semi-finals of the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, making it up to the semi-finals. Momiji was considered part of the "Golden Generation", the three strongest students of Bukyoku Academy, along with Yudai Moroboshi and Byakuya Jougasaki.

Plot Edit

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Party Crashers Edit

Momiji appears in the private party held for the participants of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, along with the other Bukyoku participants Yudai Moroboshi and Byakuya Jougasaki.

LN Vol 7 illustration 01

Momiji vs. Shizuku.

The Rowdy Medical Room Edit

Momiji, having won in the first round of the Festival, fights Hagun's representative, Shizuku Kurogane. At first, Momiji uses Trackless Step, to make Shizuku unable to hit her, but Shizuku counters this, by covering the arena with thin water, and sensing Momiji's movements. Shizuku then attacks Momiji with Water Prison Orb, taking her out, and winning the match. This leads to Momiji getting eliminated from the Festival.

Rising Spirit Edit

Momiji is one of the people that helps Ikki Kurogane train, having a mock battle with him. Momiji, despite putting up a good fight, loses to Ikki, who manages to beat her swordsmanship and techniques.

Momiji is later seen watching the finals of the Festival, between Ikki and Stella, which Ikki wins.

Abilities Edit

Expert Swordsmanship: Momiji is very skilled in swordsmanship, preferring it as her main form of offense.

Trackless Step (抜き足, Nukiashi): Being a disciple of Torajirou Nangou, Momiji is extremely proficient in Trackless Step. It is a movement technique, that makes the user's movement temporarily undetectable by the opponent. Momiji is stated to have even greater precision with the technique than even Tohka Todo.

Fire Manipulation: Momiji's ability as a Blazer is to manipulate fire. She is capable of enhancing her own attacks with flames and making the flames wrap around her opponent, like a snake.

Device Edit

Hibachi (lit. "Fire Hornet"): Momiji's Device takes the form of a katana.

  • Enmaku (lit."Fire Screen"): Momiji creates a wall of fire, that shields her from attacks.
  • Guren Kenkyoku (lit. "Crimson Coil"): An unshown Noble Art, that Momiji is said to possess. Its effects are unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Byakuya Jougasaki has shown feelings for Momiji, although the status of their relationship is unknown.
  • Momiji's nickname "Onibi" means "wildfire" or "demon flame".

Navigation Edit

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