Miriallia Régie
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Device Kaspar
Personal Status
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Voice Actor

Miriallia Régie is a student of the Vermillion Magic Institute, and also one of Vermillion's strongest Blazers.

Appearance Edit

Mirillia is a girl with blonde hair, wearing a long coat.

Personality Edit

Mirillia is a proud student, who believes in her own abilities. She also enjoys teasing people.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Vermillion Empire Edit

LN Vol 10 Illustration 7

Miriallia (right) and Tilmitt (left)

Mirillia, along with Tilmitt Gracie, ambush Ikki, who has just entered Vermillion, on a roof. They tell him that there's a reward placed on him, worth 100 million yen. She then shoots Ikki with her gun, while Tilmitt dives into the roof with her Noble Art. Initially they have the advantage, with Ikki even complimenting their teamwork. Despite this though Ikki defeats them, and repels Miriallia's bullets, by causing an offset in their kinetic energy by hitting them with the exact same energy.

"Worst One" vs "Crimson Wild Lion"!? Edit

Miriallia and Tilmitt, along with Lunaeyes Vermillion, again meet Ikki. Miriallia and Tilmitt tease Ikki about doing inappropriate things with Stella, until they are told to be quiet by Lunaeyes. Lunaeyes then tells Ikki that she wants him to train Miriallia and Tilmitt, for the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland. Ikki agrees to this, but before he starts the training, he leaves to Cradleland, to meet Johann.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Miriallia participates in the Battle of Kardia between Vermillion and Cradleland. She and Tilmitt free a number of Cradleland soldiers, from All-Goal's control. She also participates in the fight against Big Baby.

Abilities Edit

Expert Marksmanship: Miriallia is an expert in marksmanship, as her main weapon is a musket.

Expert Combatant : Miriallia is an experienced combatant, as one of Vemillion's strongest warriors.

Device Edit

Kaspar: Miriallia's Device takes the form of a musket.

  • Calamity Bullet—Calamity Triple Rapid-Fire: Miriallia's Noble Art, which is an absolute hit concept ability. She fires three bullets, which can chase after the target, even if they dodge.

Navigation Edit

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