Gender Male
Device Unnamed Handguns
Personal Status
Affiliations Kingdom of Cradleland
Status Deceased
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Mira was a Mage-Knight of Cradleland, and one of their strongest warriors.

Appearance Edit

Mira's appearance is largely unknown, but he was most likely a fit individual.

Personality Edit

Mira's personality traits are largely unknown, but he was loyal to Cradleland, and it's imperial family.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Opening of a Tragedy Edit

Mira, along the rest of the Cradleland-team, including Lid, Enalis and Luke, is training for the upcoming tournament between Cradleland and Vermillion. Johann, the 1st Prince of Vermillion and the leader of the team, then enters and tells his team that Ikki Kurogane is participating in the tournament on Vermillion's side. The team questions if Johann can stop Ikki from entering, but he says he can't, because he owes a favor to Lunaeyes, the 1st Princess of Vermillion.

All of the sudden, a mysterious individual appears in the room. This individual is revealed to be All-Goal, a former member of the 12 Apostles of Rebellion. Johann orders his team to retreat, while he tries to hold off All-Goal. All-Goal though simply takes control of Johann, who kills Lid. Mira then summons his Device, questioning Johann's actions. After Johann kills Luke, he pleads that Mira and Enalis leave. Mira grabs Enalis, who is crying over her dead husbands body. Despite trying to escape Johann kills them both with his Noble Art Circus Maximus. All-Goal then takes control of the whole Cradleland.

Visit to Cradleland Edit

All-Goal later controls Mira's body, in order to trick Lunaeyes, Stella and Ikki.

Abilities Edit

Mira's abilities are unknown, but she was one of Cradleland's strongest Blazers.

Device Edit

Unnamed Dual-Handguns: Mira's Device takes the form of two handguns. Their abilities are unknown.

Navigation Edit

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