Mikoto Tsuruya
Gender Female
Age 17
Nickname/s The Icy Laughter
Hair Color Ash-blonde
Device Unnamed Monocle Device
Personal Status
Affiliations Kyomon Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Mikoto Tsuruya is a 3rd Year Student at the Kyomon Academy. She was one of the Japan's top 8 student knights.

Appearance Edit

Mikoto is mentioned having ash-blonde hair, and a cold smile.

Personality Edit

Mikoto is a cunning individual, who thinks that being a knight, means winning by any means necessary. She is also shown to be lacking bravery and confidence in her own skills.

History Edit

Mikoto participated in the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, making it up to the quarter-finals, thanks to her ability.

Plot Edit

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Training Camp Edit

Mikoto first appears watching the battle between Ikki Kurogane and the Hagure Sisters, at the Kyomon Training grounds. Also present are a number of different school paper reporters, who question Mikoto what she thinks of the "Crownless Sword King" Ikki Kurogane. She avoids answering their question directly, and quickly flees. It's shown later that Mikoto is horrified by Ikki and the other strong participants of that years Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

One vs Four Edit

Mikoto's first opponent is Hagun's first year student, Stella Vermillion. But because Stella came late to the match, Stella herself proposed a penalty, of needing to fight all contestants of Block b, and not just Mikoto. Mikoto and the other contestants of Block B, agreed to this and thus the match between Stella against the rest of Block B started. Despite the advantage in numbers Mikoto along with the other contestants of Block B were handily defeated by Stella. This resulted in the elimination of Mikoto from the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Abilities Edit

Temperature Lowering: Mikoto's ability as a Blazer is to lower temperature. She is said to be capable of lowering the temperature to absolute zero, though this is possibly an exaggeration.

Keen Intellect: Mikoto is a schemer, who always tries to give herself every possible advantage, in order to maximize her chances of winning. She is shown to be a tactical and careful fighter.

Device Edit

Unnamed Monocle Device: Mikoto's Device takes the form of a monocle.

  • Satin Ice: A technique that freezes anything within Mikoto's eyesight.

Trivia Edit

  • Mikoto is famous for her cold smile, from which her nickname comes from.

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