Lunaeyes Vermillion
Gender Female
Nickname/s Luna
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Relatives Sirius Vermillion (Father)
Astrea Vermillion (Mother)
Stella Vermillion (Younger Sister)
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Lunaeyes Vermillion is the 1st Princess of Vermillion, and the older sister of Stella Vermillion.

Appearance Edit

Lunaeyes is a beautiful young woman. She has long pink hair and pink eyes.

Personality Edit

Lunaeyes is a lighthearted, but responsible person. She is also not easily ashamed, and she cares much for other people.

History Edit

Lunaeyes was born to Sirius Vermillion, the Emperor of Vermillion and Astrea Vermillion, the Queen of Vermillion. She also played with the 1st Prince of Cradleland, Johann, when they were young and went to the same college. They were so close that they were described to be like siblings.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Vermillion Empire Edit

LN Vol 10 Color Illustration 4

Lunaeyes in her underwear

Lunaeyes meets Ikki, who is being hunted by the people of Vermillion, when the latter crashes through her window, while Lunaeyes is in her underwear. While Ikki tries apologizing, Lunaeyes notices his injuries, and orders him to take his clothes off, so she can examine his injuries. Just when Ikki is undressing, Stella who has arrived to Vermillion with Ikki, enters Lunaeyes' room, and finds her fiancé and sister, half-naked, causing her a massive shock.

Later after Ikki reveals he has been escaping from the people of Vermillion, Stella gets enraged at Sirius, her father, for encouraging people to chase Ikki. Ikki though comforts her by saying that seeing the peoples' love for Stella, he has grown to love her country all the more. Lunaeyes then suggests that Ikki should participate in the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland, to prove he's worthy of Stella. If Ikki brings victory to Vermillion, he will be allowed to marry Stella, and everyone, even Sirius, agree to this.

"Worst One" vs "Crimson Wild Lion"!? Edit

Lunaeyes brings Ikki two Vermillion Magic Institute students, Tilmitt Gracie and Miriallia Régie, who will also be participating in the tournament, and who Ikki has already met. The two students initially tease Ikki about his relationship with Stella, until Lunaeyes silences them. She then says she wants Ikki to teach them for the upcoming tournament, to which Ikki agrees.

Before Ikki can start the training though, Lunaeyes gets a call from Johann, the 1st Prince of Cradleland, who invites her to Cradleland. She then asks Ikki to accompany her and Stella to Cradleland, to which he agree. They then leave along with Stella to Cradleland.

Visit to Cradleland Edit

In Cradleland, Lunaeyes tells Ikki about their countries relationship, and how 30 years ago Sirius marched into Cradleland alone and confronted the King of Cradleland. This meeting lead to the relationship between the two countries becoming far better.

Lunaeyes, Stella and Ikki arrive to Cradleland, where they meet Johann. Johann takes them to eat at a park. There they are ambushed by Or-Gaule, a former apostle of Rebellion. It's revealed Or-Gaule has enslaved the entire country including Johann, who attacks Stella.

The Nation Named Vermillion Edit

Lunaeyes, enraged by Or-Gaule's actions tries attacking him with the knife she carries for self-defense. Or-Gaule though easily subdues Lunaeyes. Luckily Lunaeyes, along with Stella and Ikki, are saved by Iris Ascarid, who uses a knife she got from the Vice-Leader of the League of Mage-Knight Nations, Norman Creed, to teleport them away back to Vermillion.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

After being saved by Ascarid, Lunaeyes decides to seek a compromise with Or-Gaule, with her family being completely unaware of this decision.

Lunaeyes is later seen arriving to the battlefield of the Battle of Kardia, where Cradleland and Vermillion are fighting. She is riding on Johann's Device, Chariot, along with Or-Gaule. She demands that everyone would stop fighting, and then declares that there will be a tournament held between Cradleland and Vermillion, to decide the fate of the two countries. Lunaeyes had met with Or-Gaule and was able to get him to agree to the tournament, although there is an unknown price that Lunaeyes was forced to pay.

Responsibilities as a Royalty Edit

After her announcement, Lunaeyes explains to the infuriated Stella why she made an agreement with All-Goal. She explains that a direct between the forces controlled by Or-Gaule and the League of Mage-Knight Nations members would result in massive damage to the area and far too many casualties. With the tournament, these casualties are greatly reduced. The League agrees to the tournament, with only the League members currently in Vermillion, like Nene, being allowed to participate in the tournament.

Vermillion's Sword Edit

After Stella and the others return from Edelberg, they meet with Lunaeyes, with Lunaeyes asking Stella for help, as the people who are there are supposed to retreat, but instead chose to stay. Stella though answers that they should be allowed to stay, because they want to cheer the Vermillion representatives in the tournament. Stella then proclaims to everyone that she will protect everyone. This leaves Lunaeyes convinced that Stella will be the true Queen of Vermillion.

Abilities Edit

While not being a Blazer, Lunaeyes does carry a knife for self-defense, which she doesn't refrain from using when needed.

Navigation Edit

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