Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 00
LN Vol 0 cover
Cover of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 0
Kana 落第騎士の英雄譚<キャバルリィ> 零
Romaji Rakudai Kishi no Eiyūtan Rei
Release Information

Volume Zero is the seventh light novel to be released of the Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan series. It is a series of side stories.



Chapter 1: The Princess’ Foreign Culture (Hentai) Experience

In the school’s courtyard, there are five people attacking Ikki at the same time but they are unable to hit Ikki. In the end they collapse from exhaustion and Ikki didn’t sweat at all since he only used simple footsteps and just 10 cm of his sword’s tip. Ikki gave a martial arts performance to other students who are interested in it. Ikki says he remembers all of the 126 sword styles he’s seen including Stella’s ‘Imperial Sword Style’ that he just recently stole. Some of the other students are also surprised that many sword styles still survive but Ikki replies there are some styles that don’t have proper dojo or only exist in documents. During middle school Ikki would use his free time to challenge any dojo he could find and doing research at libraries or such on sword skills that have disappeared in the past. Everyone else becomes dejected after hearing that but Ikki says they don’t have to learn sword skills as much as he does. Everyone else has better ability than Ikki and so learning how to handle their Device better than the average person should be enough to increase their r range of fighting. After Ikki’s lecture is over 30 minutes later, the other students are standing on one foot to train their balance and Stella appears beside Ikki. He explains to her it’s important to be able to balance your body with one foot since more time is spent on applying force to one foot than to both feet when moving during battle. Stella points out that Ikki could end up help creating a strong rival but Ikki replies he would welcome such person and furthermore the other students may end up betting their lives in the future.

Shizuku then suddenly appears and hugging Ikki from the side, which annoys Stella. Shizuku brought a drink for Ikki but Stella also brought one for him too. It’s normal for Stella to bring a refreshment drink for her lover but right now her relationship with Ikki is being kept a secret even to Shizuku. Stella claims she brought two drinks for herself because she is so thirsty and Shizuku calls her a coward in a small voice. Shizuku then says she wants Ikki to teach her sword techniques because she stopped learning after Ikki left home. Ikki remembers the Kurogane’s kodachi techniques and so he can teach Shizuku if she’s fine with it. Stella then asks Ikki to teach her sword techniques too but Ikki says it’s not necessary. This angers Stella who thinks it’s unfair that Shizuku gets to be taught by Ikki and she then runs off. Shizuku asks why Ikki doesn’t want to teach Stella and he replies it’s because Stella has already learned all the necessary techniques long ago and their swordsmanship are fundamentally different. Ikki’s swordsmanship emphasizes on techniques but Stella’s emphasizes on crushing her opponent with absolute strength. Learning Ikki’s small skills would have negative effect on her sword and it would be boring. Ikki wants Stella to exceed his imagination because she is his rival. Shizuku thinks that it makes Ikki teaching her seems less meaningful and is thus dejected.

Stella is later walking through the corridor of the dormitory while angry and she then meets Alice and Kagami. Alice came to return the otome game called ‘Private Prince Academy’ that he borrowed. Kagami jokingly says that Galge and otome games are important part of Japan’s culture and there is a theory that they will help eradicate narcotics in South America someday. They recommend that Stella play the game and even one of the characters in the game resembles Ikki, causing Stella to become interested. Stella claims she’s not interested but will play the game as an opportunity to study Japan’s culture, not because one of the characters resembles Ikki. Kagami and Alice sarcastically say they understand.

Later, Stella is in her room playing the otome game with Alice. Because Stella has only played first person shooting and racing games, Alice is showing her how to play it in the beginning. In the game Stella bumps into a character named Issei whose voice and face resemble Ikki. After Issei tells Stella to watch where she’s going and calls her ugly, Stella is asked to choose one of the options that appear. Stella immediately chooses the option of launching German suplex on Issei, and complains that the character Issei on the inside is completely different from Ikki. Alice is surprised of Stella choosing that option so fast but he says that it is the correct option. After getting up, the character Issei says he has been looking for someone who would straighten him up with German suplex and wants Stella to go out with him. Stella thinks that Issei is a pervert but Alice says Stella is amazing that she has entered Issei’s route in the first try. Alice is heading back because the game’s story from now on shouldn’t be difficult and it is best to play the game alone.

Stella actually doesn’t want to continue to play the game because the character’s personality doesn’t resemble Ikki at all. Stella is about to turn off the PS (Playing Station) console but the guy in the game suddenly says “Right now, I can’t see anyone else but you”. Stella thinks the guy resembles Ikki from the words he just said together with the expression he’s making.  She then puts on a headphone and continues to play the game. In the game the guy talks about his past to her, making Stella understanding him better. Throughout the game’s story she and the guy are walking together, going to the amusement park during holiday, and going to the beach at night in secret during school trip. This Ikki always gazes towards Stella throughout the game (because that’s how it is in visual novels) and the story reaches up to the point where the guy says “I love you Stella. Even after graduating I want you to stay by my side and put my heart on a sleeper hold.” Stella’s cheeks become flushed after hearing the voice that resembles Ikki saying such words. Stella had been frustrated because she and Ikki haven’t done much ever since they became lovers recently. She wants to do various things with Ikki but couldn’t say it. So she thinks she can practice first with this game. She then presses the button and raises her voice, saying “I love you too, Ikki!! Marry me and always stay by my side!!” Suddenly, a noise from behind Stella can be heard even through the headphone. Stella turns around and sees that it’s Ikki near the room’s exit, unable to stand.


“S, sorry. Uhm, I didn’t mean to peek. It’s only because there was noise inside but no one answered no matter how many times I knocked…. Uh, uhm, so is that a love simulation game for girls? Ha, haha, it was shocking. I was suddenly asked things like marrying so I became unable to stand. But it was a line from a game, huh. To think there is a character with the same name as mine, what an amazing coincidence.”


“But Stella has become quite engrossed with emotions that much. It feels like I saw something unexpected. Ah, don’t mind me. It’s because I will leave soon. I’m sorry, for interrupting when it’s getting fun.”

“–––––––––––––––––––––––– n, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Chapter 2: Shizuku and First Alcohol Drink

Chapter 3: Decisive Battle!? Crimson Princess vs Lorelei

Chapter 4: A Maiden's Chivalry

Chapter 5: Stella’s Sleepless Night

The story takes place during Stella’s one week training with Nene before the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival started, and it starts with Stella chasing Nene through the forest. Stella fires ‘Dragon Fang’ towards Nene, but Nene turns around and delivers a roundhouse kick at the dragon-shaped flame. The kick powered with the force of Nene’s gravity ability causes the flame to explode. The blast causes Nene’s body to fly towards a lake and Nene doesn’t sink into the lake but lands on the surface using her gravity ability. Stella pushed Nene towards the lake on purpose in order to remove obstacles such as trees and bushes. Stella arrives at the lake and runs through the lake surface by evaporating the water under her feet with the steam as foothold. She then fires four shots of flame that land on the water around Nene’s surrounding which creates water column that takes away Nene’s movements and sight. Stella then slashes towards the water column that has Nene in it but once the water column disappears, Nene is nowhere seen. After hearing a voice from behind, Stella turns around and sees Nene standing on top of Stella’s sword. Nene tells Stella the tactic was good but Stella’s sword is still lacking something. Nene then delivers a strong flick to Stella’s forehead which causes Stella’s body to be blown away and bouncing off the surface of the water like a stone. Stella lands on the shore on her back and is unable to get up due to the shock that shakes her brain and the pain on her back. Nene then jumps high and delivers a kick powered by gravity acceleration towards Stella who is on the ground, while saying “Get crushed, big boobs”. The kick is supposed to finish off Stella, but Stella manages to guard herself using her sword in time. Stella asks if there was personal grudge mixed in that last moment but Nene claims she has no idea what Stella means. Nene then jumps off Stella and says that they should end their first day of training now and head back. Stella asks Nene to at least tell her what her sword is lacking, but Nene refuses and tells Stella that she should think about it on her own. Nene then disappears into the forest, leaving Stella alone thinking about what she’s missing.

Later at midnight, Stella has returned to the lodging facility and then got into bed after taking a bath. She can’t get to sleep because Ikki is not there. Usually when it’s time to go to bed she would exchange a light kiss with Ikki before entering her bed. She then would slowly fall into sleep while feeling happiness from knowing that he’s near. Stella at least wants to hear Ikki’s voice and reaches for her electronic student notebook, but then changes her mind because she doesn’t want him to hear her whining voice. She then decides to use her trump card which she replaces the bed cover with Ikki’s bed cover that she brought. She thinks she can sleep when wrapped in Ikki’s scent, but she realizes from the scent that the bed cover she brought actually belongs to Shizuku. But Stella says Shizuku hasn’t won yet because the sheet belongs to Shizuku. Stella can just imagine Ikki’s scent using the scent of Shizuku who is his sister. She then sticks to the bed sheet and smells Shizuku’s milky scent. Within that scent, Stella focuses on the fragrance that is relatively close to Ikki’s and creates an image which feels like she is being embraced by him. Her whole body trembles from the nice sensation. Stella realizes this is the first time she’s imagining Ikki which she didn’t have to before because Ikki was always very close. There are some things she couldn’t do with the real person which is too embarrassing to ask. However, the Ikki in her fantasy will do anything and so she thinks it’s fine to enjoy it. She wonders how much of a happy dream she will have if she takes off her clothes and wraps herself in the bed sheets. She immediately shakes her head and rejects the idea since it’s a bad thing but the devil insider her heart whispers that it’s fine since it’s just a fantasy. Stella is then stuck between listening to her voice of reason or desire. Stella ends up not sleeping the whole night to the extent that Nene can see dark circles under Stella’s eyes very clearly the next morning.

Chapter 0: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – Episode 0

The story starts with a scene where Ikki is escorting Oreki to the infirmary after she coughed up a lot of blood which takes place during the first day of the current school year. There is no one in the infirmary, but Oreki says it’s not necessary to get the infirmary teacher because she’s a professional in sickness. She takes aspirin, indomethacin, cilostazol and a rare nitro-something medicine, and says they’re quite a delicacy. Ikki is initially worried when Oreki eats the medicines like snacks, but her complexion is getting better. Before Ikki goes back to the classroom, Oreki says it’s nostalgic because Ikki also lent his shoulder to her during the day of his entrance examination. Though Ikki was surprised when he first saw Oreki collapse on the ground, Oreki was even more surprised during that day because of what Ikki said that no other student had said. Oreki then remembers when she first met Ikki.

It is the winter of a year ago at one of Hagun’s training grounds. Knight schools don’t have exams and anyone can enroll if they have the qualities of a knight, but Hagun is different. Though it has a boarding system, provides basic necessities of life and gives full tuition fee exemption, the school selects who gets accepted. Oreki is in charge of selecting from a group of 20 people who are tasked to display their skills. Most newly enrolled students are E-rank and D-rank. Even five C-rank students being present in 250 newly enrolled students is considered many. For a school to have even one B-rank student is considered lucky. There has never been an A-rank enrolled in the history of Hagun Academy, and even Kurono was the only one that ever received promotion to A-rank while at school. Oreki hopes that she will meet someone who has what it takes to reach the top of the Seven Starts Sword Art Festival, but so far none of the people in her group lives up to her expectation. Then, it’s Ikki’s turn to be examined and Oreki recognizes him as the person who lent his shoulder to her while they were on their way to the training ground earlier. Oreki is surprised when checking Ikki’s identity because she never heard that the Kurogane family has two sons. Oreki is thinking of failing Ikki because the mana she felt from Ikki is too weak. Oreki judges that Ikki is F-rank low tier from mana alone or E-rank low tier at best even with good ability which does not reach E-rank upper tier as Hagun’s passing line.

Ikki then says he would like to prove his worth by winning against her in a duel, surprising everyone nearby. But Oreki can tell Ikki is serious and asks why Ikki chose to enroll in Hagun. Ikki explains his family doesn’t support him and so he chose Hagun because it has a boarding system and the students don’t have to pay tuition and other expenses. The only way for Ikki to get accepted into Hagun despite not meeting the minimum criteria is to win a battle with an examiner. Only D-rank or above Blazers can obtain teaching license and so winning against a teacher is proof of having a real ability of D-rank level. Oreki asks why Ikki chose to fight her and he replies he wants to fight her because she is even much stronger than everyone else there combined. Suddenly, the dozens of students and security guards there are screaming out loud and collapse. Oreki, who is carrying a red blood-colored cutlass-shaped device in her hand, explains ‘Violet Pain’ causes everyone to feel the pain she suffers from her sickly body which can even cause big adults to lose consciousness. However, Ikki is the only one that is still standing and says Oreki is not the only one that can endure such pain. Oreki who is convinced of Ikki’s determination then accepts Ikki’s challenge.

Oreki makes the first move by adding magic power to her kicking feet and moves fast towards Ikki. Oreki swings her cutlass at Ikki who repels it with ‘Intetsu’, but she is very close to him now. Cutlasses have shorter reach than Japanese swords and Oreki is also skilled in swordsmanship. Thus Oreki is able to swing her sword much faster in such close distance and Ikki is barely able to defend against her sword slashes. Oreki also doesn’t feel the signs of a martial artist coming from Ikki and thinks that he is only relying on his reflexes. She then improves the quality of her slashes and is about to deliver a finishing blow on Ikki. However, Ikki is able to dodge it in such a natural way, which surprises Oreki. He apologizes to her for fighting in such a way because it’s an examination and he needed some time in order to show her his specialty. Ikki then changes his stance, mirroring Oreki’s figure and says that he has learned all of her swordsmanship. They clash again with Ikki performing sword movements similar to Oreki’s but she is being overwhelmed which surprises her. Ikki explains that he has evolved Oreki’s swordsmanship and adapted it for his ‘Intetsu’. Oreki finds it hard to believe that Ikki could do such a thing easily and he replies that it’s his specialty. Ikki then is able to deliver a slash at Oreki and the damage in ‘illusion form’ that she receives should be enough to end the battle. However, Ikki ends up crying in pain and is down on his knee. Ikki realizes that ‘Violet Pain’ doesn’t just share the pain from Oreki’s usual physical condition but also the pain she receives during battle. Oreki has been feeling the pain from her physical condition since she was a child and so she can endure it a lot, but Ikki who has been enduring it since the start of the match might not be able to endure it any longer soon. Ikki then decides to use ‘Itto Shura’ and says to Oreki that “with his strongest (weakest), he will prove his worth”.

Seeing Ikki in his ‘Itto Shura’ state, Oreki thinks that the way Ikki is using his magic is absurd and that he is determined not to give up on himself. Oreki as a teacher believes that Ikki needs to be defeated here so that eventually he won’t experience the despair of facing a wall that he won’t able to break through. Oreki is a skilled knight and so she is able to follow Ikki’s fast movements. When Ikki starts moving fast towards her, she swings her cutlass at him in the right timing. She ends up hitting an afterimage Ikki created using ‘Shinkirou’ and the real Ikki is about to cut her down. But before Ikki could cut Oreki down, she overswings the blade she’s carrying in her left hand and then cuts her right arm. The pain of Oreki’s arm being cut off in ‘illusion form’ is felt by Ikki due to ‘Violet Pain’ and it causes his right hand to drop ‘Intetsu’. Oreki then turns her blade towards the defenseless Ikki in order to end the match. However, she ends up being the one kneeling on the ground with ‘blood light’ spilling out from her body and Ikki is holding her cutlass in his left hand. The moment Oreki was about to cut him down, Ikki in his ‘Itto Shura’ state used a technique called ‘Yagyuu no Mutoudori (Yagyuu’s weaponless catch)’ which he used the power of his fingers and wrist movements to snatch away Oreki’s cutlass and she was cut down instead. Ikki endures the pain he also received but Oreki can’t endure any longer due to the attack’s sudden and unexpected timing. Before she loses consciousness, she congratulates Ikki for passing the examination. But she also asks if Ikki will change his mind in pursing his goal because continuing this path with his limited abilities is very dangerous and will shorten his lifespan. Ikki thanks Oreki for her concern but despite so he is still aiming to become a knight. Seeing Ikki’s eyes that are not filled with hesitation, Oreki thinks the person in front of her is not a child but a knight.

Back in the present, Ikki says that it’s time for him to go back to the classroom. Hearing that, Oreki ends her reminiscing of the events from a year ago and tells Ikki to let everyone in the class know that they are dismissed. As she watches him leaving, Oreki thinks that despite all the unfairness Ikki’s back doesn’t bend. She then says to Ikki that she still thinks that it’s wrong for Ikki to continue pursue the path of a knight and so she asks him to prove her wrong with his strongest (weakest). He replies that he will, as he leaves the room. She then says good luck while hearing his light footsteps, and then falls into sleep.