Hagun AcademyEdit

Nene SaikyoEdit

Saikyo and Kurono have a very friendly relationship, as Saikyo is seen calling Kurono by a nickname Kuu-chan. Kurono also shows great trust in Saikyo as she appointed her as a teacher of Hagun Academy, when she took over.

Ikki KuroganeEdit

Kurono has a good relationship with Ikki, as she treats him fairly and never prejudiced against him. Although her relationship with Ikki is a student teacher one, she seems to care a great deal for him, as Saikyo stated that she talks about him all the time, and even stating that Ikki was Kurono's favorite student.

Family Edit

Takumi Shinguuji Edit

Takumi is Kurono's husband, who she also has a child with. Takumi is seemingly very dear to Kurono, as she quit her career as a professional Mage-Knight to live with him and their child.

Others Edit

Bakuga Tsukikage Edit

Bakuga was the Director of Hagun Academy before Kurono. Kurono respects him, although she doesn't approve of his formation of Akatsuki.