The Kurogane Family (黒鉄家 Kurogane-ke) is one of the most distinguished families of Blazers in Japan.

History Edit

The Kurogane Family is known to have produced many superior Blazers since the Meiji era the most well known being Ryoma Kurogane who is widely known as Samurai Ryoma, a legendary war veteran.

Ryoma was the Family Head until he was overthrown by his own son Genma Kurogane and the elders, as Ryoma held different views from the traditions of the Kurogane Family. Ryoma was exiled from the Family. The ideology of Genma and the elders was entrusted upon Genma's only son, Itsuki Kurogane, who became the Family Head.


Kurogane manor

Where the Kurogane family lives

The Kurogane Family, is very prideful, and worry about how they appear to the public, which is why they abandoned Ikki, as he was an F-rank knight, which would bring their status down. They also hold a strong influence in the world of knights as shown when they placed direct pressure on the Hagun Academy to prevent Ikki from graduating. The members of the family are taught the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu swordsmanship.

The Kurogane family is divided into the main family and branch family.

Known membersEdit

Name Title Rank Status
Ryoma Kurogane N/A N/A Deceased
Itsuki Kurogane Iron Blood N/A Alive
Genma Kurogane N/A N/A N/A
Ouma Kurogane Sword Emperor of Wind A-Rank Alive
Ikki Kurogane Worst One (Failed Knight) F-Rank Alive
Shizuku Kurogane Lorelei (Witch of the Deep Sea) A-Rank Alive
Mamoru Akaza Red Tanuki N/A Alive

Trivia Edit

  • "Kurogane" (黒鉄) translate to "Black Iron".
  • The appearance of the Kurogane household varies through the adaptations.