Kouzou Kazamatsuri
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relatives Rinna Kazamatsuri (daughter)
Sara Bloodlily (adopted daughter)
Affiliations Rebellion
Kazamatsuri Zaibatsu
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Kouzou Kazamatsuri is one of the Numbers of Rebellion. He is also the head of Kazamatsuri Zaibatsu organization and the father of Rinna Kazamatsuri.

Appearance Edit

Kouzou is a middle-aged man.

Personality Edit

Kouzou, as the head of Kazamatsuri Zaibatsu, is a responsible person, who can organize big groups. He also is capable of adapting to new situations easily and is not easily shaken. He also most likely shares Rebellion's ideals as their member.

History Edit

At some point, Kouzou adopted the orphaned Sara Bloodlily, and helped her get treatment for her illness. Kaouzou is also an old friend of Bakuga Tsukikage, having helped him in the establishing of Akatsuki.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

Night of Massacre Edit

Kouzou shows up at the destroyed Rebellion's headquarters. He meets with Bakuga Tsukikage, who uses his Device to show what happened. Kouzou sees Or-Gaule, along with "Dirty Rose", "BB" and "Haboob" killing 8 apostles, one of them being Wallenstein, and destroying Rebellion's base. After this Bakuga decides to inform the League of Mage-Knight Nations, while Kouzou decides to gather the remnants of Rebellion. Before they can leave though they are informed that Abraham Carter, the strongest member of the Union is approaching them. Kouzou then silently apologizes to Ryoma, for unknown reasons. Kouzou's current condition is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Kouzou is a very important member of Rebellion, being one of the only three Numbers to know the location of Tyrant, the mysterious leader of Rebellion. The two others are the Grand Professor and an unknown member.

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