Gender Male
Age 17
Personal Status
Affiliations Tonrou Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Komiyama is a third-year student of Tonrou Academy, and a member of it's newspaper club.

Appearance Edit

Komiyama is a young student.

Personality Edit

Komiyama is a rather enthusiastic student. As a member of his schools newspaper club, he greatly enjoys writing news. Komiyama's style as a reporter differs from the likes of Kagami and Yagokoro, as he writes news regarding the important facts of any topic, similarly to government broadcasts.

Plot Edit

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Training Camp Edit

Komiyama and Yagokoro are seen watching the mock battle between Stella Vermillion and Tohka Todo. After the mock battle they meet the Hagun students Kagami and Nagi. Komiyama is surprised by Nagi, having little personal information about him. Komiyama and Yagokoro are shown being far more impressed with Stella's performance, then Bunkyoku Academy's newspaper club members, who also watched the match.

Komiyama also discusses the other members of Team Hagun and the representatives from other schools. Komiyama remarks that compared to other schools, Tonrou's only hope is the "Sword Eater" Kuraudo Kurashiki. The reporters then spot Kyomon Academy's Mikoto Tsuruya, and rush to interview her.

Abilities Edit

Komiyama's abilities are unknown.

Device Edit


Navigation Edit

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