Katharterio Salamandra
Katharterio Salamandra
Stella activates Katharterio Salamandra
Kana 天壌焼き焦がす竜王の焔カルサリテォオ・サラマンドラ
Romaji καθαρτήριο σαλαμάνδραKatharterio Salamandra
Type Conceptual Manipulation (Dragon)
Wielder Stella Vermillion

καθαρτήριο σαλαμάνδραKatharterio Salamandra (lit. Purgatory Salamander) is the Noble Art of Stella Vermillion.


Stella transforms Laevateinn into a sword made from heat with no physical body, and can reach a target more than a hundred meters away. After Stella's soul evolved, the technique became far more powerful, being able to cut a mountain in half.

Weakness Edit

Activating the technique requires some time, making it ineffective during quick exchanges. The technique also requires a significant amount of magic.

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