Kaito Ayatsuji
Kana 綾辻海斗
Romaji Ayatsuji Kaito
Gender Male
Nickname/s Last Samurai
Personal Status
Relatives Ayako Ayatsuji (Wife)
Ayase Ayatsuji (Daughter)
Affiliations Ayatsuji Dojo
Status Alive
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Atsushi Ono (Japanese)
Luis Galindo (English)

Kaito Ayatsuji is the father of Ayase Ayatsuji and a famous retired swordsman, nicknamed the "Last Samurai". He was hospitalized after being beat up by Kuraudo Kurashiki, but has since recovered.


Kaito is a middle aged man with black hair. Previously a muscular man, after being hospitalized, Kaito becomes extremely thin due to years of comatose.


Kaito is an honorable person who cares for his daughter and students. He doesn't like violence, believing that it doesn't solve anything but is more than willing to fight for those he cares. Despite his noble personality, Kaito is a battle maniac who will enjoy a good battle.

He has also shown a comical and nonsensical side of him as seen when he demanded Ikki to marry his daughter and inherit his dojo while teasing Ayase for supposedly having her crush on Ikki shortly after awakening.


Kaito in his prime

Kaito in his prime

A master swordsman who is widely known as the Last Samurai. Being extremely famous due to his strength for defeating Blazers despite not being one. It was told that Ikki Kurogane challenged him in times of his middle school but was turned down.

A few years prior the main story, Kaito contracted heart disease and was forced to give up the sword. During Ayase's freshmen year, Kaito was challenged by Kuraudo Kurashiki to a dojo match while Kaito initially refused, he eventually accepted after Kuraodo beat up his students. With Ayase serving as referee, Kaito fought Kuraudo which unfortunately lead to him being severely injured by Kuraudo and was hospitalized.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Impossible Victory, Decisive Battle, and New Beginnings Edit

Kaito wakes up from his coma

Kaito wakes up from his coma

Kaito is seen in his hospital bed still comatose after his match against Kuraudo as Ayase visits him.

A few days after the duel between Ikki and Kuraudo, Kaito wakes up from his coma, making his daughter extremely happy. Kaito then has Ayase to phone Ikki, but much to Ayase's surprise, Kaito demands Ikki to marry Ayase and succeed his dojo, resulting in an embarrassed and angry Ayase assaulting Kaito and ends the call after apologizing.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

While Kaito didn't appear, he was mentioned by her daughter Ayase who reveals that Kaito scolded her for trying to help out with his rehab instead of training, claiming that he can do the rehab on his own.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Second Round, Begins Edit

It is revealed that at some point after Ikki beat Kuraudo, the beaten Sword Eater came to learn the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu style of swordsmanship from Kaito. Kaito taught him his swordsmanship, and even taught Kuraudo the ultimate technique Ten'i Muhou.


Master Swordsmanship: Kaito is a master of the sword, having accomplish feats like defeating Blazers despite not being one. Even after not holding the sword for some time, he was still able to fight Kuraudo on equal footing for a while.

  • Ten'i Muhou (天衣無縫, lit. "Heaven Clad Null Shroud"): The ultimate move of the Ayatsuji swordsmanship, it is Kaito's answer to the ultimate counterattack. Taking the opponents attack with one's body and ward it off without shifting the opponent's sword along with the place one wants to attack. The user creates a peerless stance to evade the enemies attack by taking the most minimum possible movement, dispelling everything of the material world while feeling every physical existence around. Kaito demonstrated it to his daughter once when he orders her to strike him with Hizume which Ayase noted to have hit Kaito's body but couldn't cut him.