Ikki, you became a big person.
—Itsuki Kurogane
Itsuki Kurogane
Iwao profile pic
Kana 黒鉄巌くろがね いつき
Romaji Kurogane Itsuki
Gender Male
Nickname/s Iron Blood
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Personal Status
Relatives Genma Kurogane (Father)
Ryoma Kurogane (Grandfather)
Unnamed Wife
Ouma Kurogane (First Son)
Ikki Kurogane (Second Son)
Shizuku Kurogane (Daughter)
Affiliations Kurogane Family
League of Mage-Knight Nations (Japan Branch)
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Shou Hayami (Japanese)
David Matranga (English)

Itsuki Kurogane is the current head of the Kurogane Family and the current branch chief of the League of Mage-Knight Nations' Japan Branch.


Itsuki looks exactly like his son Ikki Kurogane, albeit a bit older, showing so with lines going down the sides of his nose, as it would naturally come with age. He has long black wild hair that is combed back, although the back of his hairs are spiked up, as well as covering some of his ears. Itsuki has been seen wearing an attire of a business man, being seen wearing a black business suit, coupled with a white collared dress shirt, and a black tie.


Itsuki is extremely devoted to his duties as the both the head of the Kurogane family and branch chief of the International Federation of Mage Knight-Japan Branch, going as far as to forcing the Hagun Academy to not allow Ikki to take classes which ultimately makes him fail school just for the sake of maintaining the harmony of the Mage Knight system. In fact, Itsuki's devotion to his duties went to the extent where he even allowed Akaza to use drugs on Ikki, just for the sake of banishing him from the Mage Knight world. His personality was greatly influenced by the extreme views of his father.

Later, however, Itsuki was shown being more friendly towards Ikki, admitting that he has become a big person.


Itsuki's father was Genma Kurogane, who held the strict traditions of the Kurogane Family in high regard. Genma and the other family elders entrusted their extreme views on Itsuki, which shaped his own personality, earning him the nickname "Iron Blood", due to his strict nature.

When Ikki was five years old, Itsuki gave the F-Rank Ikki, an order to not do anything to prevent shaming the family name, he even tells him to just give up, as he will never amount to anything. After Ikki left the house, Itsuki used his position to force Hagun Academy to fail Ikki, by not allowing him to take classes, and make him repeat a year.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Incident of Okutama Edit

LN Vol 3 color illustration 4 Ikki confronts Iwao

Itsuki confronts Ikki

Itsuki was seen sitting inside his office complaining about Shizuku losing the Selection Battle and loathing the fact that Ikki might appear in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival until Akaza appears and make a proposal to him.

Itsuki was then seen at a holding cell, where the knight committee was holding Ikki. Itsuki talked with his son and explained why he and Ikki's relationship was like it is. Itsuki explained that he didn't hate or was disappointed with Ikki, it was simply that he didn't believe in Ikki and that he shouldn't have any expectations, causing Ikki to cry. Also, he believes Ikki's successes will give false hope to the other low-ranks and bring about horrible outcomes that could destroy the harmony that the Ranking system maintains.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Conclusion of the First Round Edit

It's mentioned by Ouma, Itsuki's oldest son, that Itsuki was the one who asked him to join Bakuga Tsukikage's Akatsuki. This was because, Itsuki supported Tsukikage's idea of Japan splitting from the League of Mage-Knight Nations, as it would bring more power to the Kurogane Family.

The Rowdy Medical Room Edit

Itsuki appeared after Ikki's second match in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festivals. He tells that he is ready to cut Ikki's ties with the Kurogane Family. Itsuki then leaves Ikki to think about his suggestion.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

Itsuki meets Ikki again, asking about his decision on cutting ties with the Kurogane Family. Ikki refuses the offer, telling that despite even though it the offer would benefit both Ikki and Itsuki, Ikki is still a Kurogane. Itsuki says that Ikki's become a big person, and he then leaves.

Itsuki watches Ikki's match against Sara Bloodlily, along with Yuuzou Kaieda.