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Ikki Kurogane vs Renren Tomaru
Ikki vs Renren
Conflict Selection Match
Result Ikki is victorious
Ikki Kurogane Renren Tomaru
Intetsu Unnamed Knuckles
Power and Abilities
None Mach-Grid
Black Bird
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Ikki is uninjured Renren is uninjured

Ikki Kurogane vs Renren Tomaru is a selection match fought between two Hagun Academy students Ikki Kurogane, and Renren Tomaru It's one of the Hagun Selection Battles.


After his debut victory against Kirihara, in the first preliminary round, Ikki has won numerous other matches, without once getting hit. His ninth opponent was then decided to be none other then the student council's manager of affairs Renren Tomaru, who has also won eight matches, without a single scratch. Renren face Ikki, in the arena, and take out their devices. The buzzer to start the match rings.


Renren, instead of going on the offensive, begins to talk with Ikki, while hopping around. She compliments Ikki on his win, and Ikki in turn as well compliments her on her victories. This however is revealed to be a ploy as Renren was using the time it took, talking with Ikki, to charge up her device, to maximum speed. She then begins to run around the arena, increasing her speed to the point of being faster then sound.

She then launches her super sonic strike at Ikki, Black Bird, at mach two speeds. The strike misses, as Ikki gets out of her fists strike. Renren runs by Ikki, which gives Ikki the chance to grab her windbreaker and is able to spin her, by using her own speed against her, and then slams her against the stone tiles. He then points his blade out at her, and Renren gives up, understanding that she could not build up that speed again, effectively ending the match.


Ikki retains his streak of both, never being hurt in battle, since Kirihara, and his winning streak as well. Shizuku explains that Ikki was not able to hit Kirihara, because he was using a bow, which Ikki could not get close to, not that he couldn't see him. Since Renren used a close combat device, he was able to dodge her. Ikki then gets off the arena, and wishes Stella as she goes in for her next preliminary match against Ikazuchi Saijou.

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