The seven original sword techniques, created by Ikki Kurogane. Out of the seven, six of the secret sword (秘剣 hiken) techniques have been revealed, as well as an improvised eight one.


  1. Saigeki(犀撃, lit. "Rhinoceros Strike") The first secret sword technique, is a charging attack in which Ikki uses his superhuman body control to focus the power of vector in his entire body to a single point, and is considered an anti-material sword technique. Although at first Ittou Shura is needed in order to use this technique, after learning Edelweiss's techniques Ikki is able to use Saigeki without entering it first.
  2. Rekkou (裂甲, lit. "Rend Armor"): After receiving an enemy's blow, Ikki uses this technique with the same philosophy as One-Inch Punch to make an explosive point-blank counter-slash.
  3. Madoka (円, lit. "Circle"): Ikki receives the enemy's blow but instead of redirecting the force behind him, he makes a circular motion and redirects the force back to the attacker. The technique is especially effective against opponents with strong attacks.
  4. Shinkirou (蜃気狼, lit. "Mirage Wolf"): The fourth secret sword technique, with radical footwork Ikki creates an afterimage before himself while running to confuse the distance between him and his opponent.
  5. Not yet revealed
  6. Dokuga-no-tachi (毒蛾ノ太刀, lit. "Poisonous Moth's Long Sword"): The sixth secret sword technique of Ikki’s own original sword skills. While sending out a sword slash, by consecutively contracting the muscles, a shockwave is emitted in that interval which is transmitted through the opponent’s weapon and into them. It’s able to pass through armor and into the opponent’s interior if the opponent is holding a sword in their hand, the arm that has been made numb will be forced to drop the weapon.
  7. Raikou (雷光, lit. "Lightning"): The seventh and the fastest of Ikki's own original sword technique, it is only technique among the seven that can be executed only while in Ittou Shura. Raikou is a slash swung in a speed that exceeds a human's dynamic vision by far making it look as if it was an invisible slash. However, after learning Edelweiss's Swordplay, his reflexes and speed are fast enough to able to use this without using Ittou Rasetsu

The Final Secret Sword(終の秘剣)Edit

Oikage (追影, lit. "Seeking Shadow"): A technique Ikki improvised in order to defeat Stella at the end of their duel in the final match in the Seven Star festival. After breaking the chains of fate binding him, Ikki put all that extra magical energy into Ittou Rasetsu, and chose the fastest maneuver he knew of: Quickdraw. This technique is so fast that Stella was able to see an anomaly: Even Ikki's shadow couldn't catch up to his movements.

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