Hagure Sisters
Hagure sisters in the anime
Kana 葉暮牡丑
Romaji Hagure Botan
Hagure Kikyō
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Light Brown (Kikyo)
Blue (Botan)
Device Unnamed Spear (Kikyo)
Unnamed Gun (Botan)
Personal Status
Affiliations Hagun Academy
Status Active
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank (Kikyo)
D-Rank (Botan)
Voice Actor

Botan Hagure and Kikyo Hagure are twin sisters and third year students of Hagun Academy.


Although their appearance is not described in the novel, they appear in the anime on numerous occasions, but they were officially named and revealed in the season finale as representatives at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival for Hagun Academy.


Both of the Hagure Sisters are shown being kind and friendly. They are shown being able to be rather scary, but do also show fear themselves.


Both the Hagure Sisters managed to win all of their Selection Battle, earning both of them a spot as representatives for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

Representative Coronation Ceremony Edit

The Hagure Sisters are first seen during the announcement of the Representatives of the Hagun Academy for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Training Camp and Scheme Edit

The Hagure Sisters are seen training against Ikki, in a two on one mock battle. Ikki was able to easily defeat both Hagure Sisters after using one to hit the other. They are then lectured by Ikki on what they did wrong.

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

The Hagure Sisters, as well as everyone else who had participated in the training camp, were on the bus when they found out that Nagi was an assassin for Akatsuki. The Hagure Sisters did not trust Nagi after hearing this but decided to go with Ikki's judgment of trusting him anyway.

The Hagure Sisters then arrived at a destroyed Hagun Academy and were able to defeat the Akatsuki members who had attacked the school. Nagi is then stabbed by Amane multiple times and it is then revealed that the real Akatsuki members were hiding as the ones that were knocked down were just wooden puppets.

After Stella had lost her fight with Ouma, and Tohka knocked her out, Tohka had given Stella's body to them so they could run away together. They agreed and ran as far as they could before they are found by the Akatsuki members. The Hagure Sisters, however, are saved by Nene who had was able to hold off most the members by simply using her gravity manipulation. The Akatsuki members eventually retreat after Hiraga points out that they had done what they needed to do.

The Hagure Sisters, after the fight with Akatsuki, realized they could not compete in such a tournament and have decided to drop out of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Rising Spirit Edit

The Hagure Sister arrive to the Festival and, along with other people, help Ikki train for the finals of the Festival, where he will face Stella. They are both defeated by Ikki in an unshown mock battle.


Kikyo Hagure:

  • Speed Enhancement: Kikyo is shown to have the ability to use instant-acceleration to gain increase her speed.
  • Expert Combatant: Kikyo is a skilled combatant, winning ten matches to become part of the Hagun representatives.

Botan Hagure:

  • Expert Combatant: Botan is a skilled combatant, winning ten matches to become part of the Hagun representatives.


Unnamed Spear: Kikyo Hagure materialized a spear shaped device in her fight against Ikki.

Unnamed Gun: Botan Hagure had materialized a handgun shaped device in her fight against Ikki.

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