Genma Kurogane
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relatives Ryoma Kurogane (father)
Itsuki Kurogane (son)
Unnamed daughter-in-law
Ouma Kurogane (grandson)
Ikki Kurogane (grandson)
Shizuku Kurogane (granddaughter)
Affiliations Kurogane Family
Status Unknown (Likely Deceased)
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Genma Kurogane is a former Head of the Kurogane Family, a son of Ryoma Kurogane, the famous war hero, and the father of Itsuki Kurogane.

Appearance Edit

Genma's appearance is unknown.

Personality Edit

Genma is a proud member of the Kurogane Family, who follows the ideals of the family very strictly. He attempts to enforce these ideals on other members of the family and despises those that don't follow them. Genma even betrayed his own father, showing having little mercy or compassion. He is described being a rightmost wing of the moderate faction. Genma is also very cruel and unloving, treating badly both his father and son.

History Edit

Genma is the son of Ryoma Kurogane, the Head of the Kurogane Family, and a legendary Blazer who participated in World War 2. Ryoma, however, opposed the strict nature of the Kurogane Family, having ideals that diverged from those of the family. This lead to Genma, along with the support of the elders of the family, overthrew Ryoma and half-exiled him from the family. Genma was then made the Head of the Kurogane Family.

Genma also had a single child, his son Itsuki Kurogane. Genma and the elders forced their strict idealogies on Itsuki, causing him to become the strict person he is today. Itsuki eventually gained the position of the Head of the Family, with Genma likely dying.

Abilities Edit

Genma's abilities are unknown, though he likely possesses considerable abilities, due to being a member of the highly esteemed Kurogane Family. He possibly used the signature style of the Kuroganes', the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu swordsmanship, if he wielded a blade.

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