Those who had surpassed being human, and would fight against each other one day to decide the future of the world.
—Volume 9
Desperado (or Majin) is a term referring to a certain group of Blazers, who have shattered the very chains of fate itself.

Summary Edit

LN Vol 9 illustration 06

Ikki reaching his "Awakening"

Every human being born has a destiny. Some people have greater roles than others, and this leads to those with great fates being stronger than those with lesser ones. Desperados are those who exist outside of this border. Only after reaching an "Awakening" or "Brute Soul", are people capable of elevating their magic power and thus gain greater power than those with the great destinies. This small group, whom exist outside of the boundary of fate are called Desperados.

Abilities Edit

Desperados have far greater magic power than the ordinary Blazers. As Desperados are beings that have broken through fate, they are capable of influencing fate, exerting an aura which can immobilize or influence others. Desperados can even kill weaker Blazers by their will alone. Desperados also seem to be immune to Nameless Glory, because they exist outside of fate. It's often thought, that because of their ability to manipulate fate itself, the only ones who can defeat Desperados is another Desperado.

The only way to defend against the aura exerted by Desperados is to have strong faith in your own unshakable abilities. This can at times be extremely difficult in heated combat, and very few normal Blazers are able to stand alone and hold their own against a Desperados.

Known Desperados Edit

League of Mage-Knight Nations Edit

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Shinryuu Temple Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • It was hinted that Kurono Shinguuji was just a step away from becoming a Desperado herself, but refused becoming one out of fear.

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