Those who had surpassed being human, and would fight against each other one day to decide the future of the world.
—Volume 9
Desperado (or Majin) is a term referring to a certain group of Blazers, who have shattered the very chains of fate itself.

Description Edit

LN Vol 9 illustration 06

Ikki reaching his "Awakening"

Every human being born has a destiny. Some people have greater roles than others, and this leads to those with great fates being stronger than those with lesser ones. Desperados are those who exist outside of this border. Only after reaching their "Awakening" (Brute Soul), are people capable of elevating their magic power and thus gain greater power than those with the great destinies. This small group, who exist outside of the boundary of fate are called Desperados. They are beings who exist above other humans, their existence being at the boundary between human and demon.

The exact way of reaching an "Awakening" is still somewhat unclear, but it is said that one must reach the end of their destiny, effectively the full reach of their abilities as a Blazer, to become a Desperado. Or-Gaule was also able to seemingly force the young Ascarid to reach her "Awakening" through controlling her, as well as reaching his own "Awakening" by the age of 10, likely through the same method.

Abilities Edit

A Desperado has far greater magic power than the ordinary Blazer. As Desperados are beings that have broken through fate, they are capable of influencing fate. They can exert an aura which can influence the world around them, allowing them to for example completely immobilize other Blazers with their presence alone or even kill them with their will. Desperados also seem to be immune to Nameless Glory, because they exist outside of fate. It's often thought, that because of their ability to manipulate fate itself, the only ones who can defeat Desperados are other Desperado.

The only way to defend against the aura exerted by Desperados is to have strong faith in your own unshakable abilities. This can at times be extremely difficult in heated combat, and very few normal Blazers are able to stand alone and hold their own against a Desperado.

Excessive Awakening Edit

LN Vol 14 illustration 3

Nene's Excessive Awakening

There exists a secondary, lesser known, transformation available to Desperados. By using too much of the power they have unlocked through their "Awakening", the body of a Desperado will change to resemble their soul. Due to this, they will receive enormous amounts of power, increasing their mana amount greatly, at the cost of their humanity. As Desperados exist between the boundary of humans and demons, this transformation causes them to cross that boundary, becoming demons.

The appearance of those that have undergone "Excessive Awakening" resembles that of a demon, possibly having black skin, horns, wings, and a tail, as well as increasing their size. They also have a golden glow in their eyes. The exact changes, however, vary between users of the transformation. It seems that the transformation can be activated and deactivated at will, at least by experienced users. It is also shown that the transformation clouds the user's intellect, though this only seems to be a problem with inexperienced users.

The transformation is extremely rare, being more of a rumor between Desperados. The ways to access the form are not fully revealed, though the user needs to cast their humanity behind. Nene was capable of accessing the form in her fight with Naseem Al-Salem, after her ego as a human was destroyed.

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Those that have undergone Excessive Awakening, receive an enormous increase of mana. Naseem in his form had a larger amount of mana than Stella, who is considered to have the largest amount in the League. The power of those who have transformed is far greater than normal Desperados. Their physical power alone is immense, far beyond even realm of powerful Blazers, and they retain usage of their Noble Arts and abilities, which are also empowered. Once they enter the transformation the user's Device becomes one with their bodies, making their body as strong as their Device.

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  • Kurono Shinguuji was just a step away from becoming a Desperado in her youth but refused becoming one due to not wanting to throw away her fate with her husband, Takumi.
  • Desperados are a highly concealed subject by the League and the Union, with only a few select individuals in both organizations knowing about them.