Charlotte Cordé
Kana シャルロット・コルデー
Romaji Sharurotto Korudē
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Affiliations Rinna Kazamatsuri
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Charlotte Cordé is Rinna Kazamatsuri's maid, close attendant and trump card.


Charlotte has long green hair and purple eyes. She usually wears a maid outfit.


Usually very calm and quiet. Charlotte is extremely devoted to Rinna and can easily be jealous of anyone or anything that catches Rinna's attention or favor, even if it's an animal.


Charlotte was found in a garbage dump by Rinna and was subsequently picked up by the young girl into her family as a maid. From then on Charlotte remained extremely loyal to Rinna.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Akatsuki Strikes Edit

Charlotte first appeared with her mistress, Rinna, during Akatsuki's strike on Hagun Academy. Charlotte watched as Rinna was able to defeat Renren easily.

Party Crashers Edit

Charlotte then appeared at the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival party, with her mistress Rinna.

One vs Four Edit

LN vol 6 color illustration 2

Charlotte versus Stella.

Charlotte participated in the match between Mikoto, Yui, Hiraga, and Rinna versus Stella. Charlotte leaped in to protect Rinna after Rinna's lion Sphinx, was defeated by Stella. Charlotte was able to defend Rinna and fight against Stella on equal terms until Stella unleashed Katharterio Salamandra. Charlotte was able to defend one attack, with the support of her mistress Rinna. She, however, was not able to block the second consecutive one. Charlotte was left unconscious along with Rinna.

Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Third Round - Beginning Edit

After her loss to Stella, Charlotte felt guilt over losing and continually asks her master, Rinna, to punish her. She and Rinna later watch the match between Ikki Kurogane and Sara Bloodlily, Rinna's step-sister. Rinna also approaches Stella and her friends, being frightened by Charlotte's attitude, which annoys Charlotte.

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

The Festival is Over Edit

Charlotte, after the finals of the Festival between Ikki and Stella, accompanies Rinna to the party held after the Festival. Charlotte explains to Kanata Totokubara, that Rinna joined Akatsuki, because her father, Kouzou Kazamatsuri, is an affiliate of Bakuga Tsukikage. Charlotte also explains to Rinna what a bathhouse is, falling unconscious after thinking about Rinna being naked.

Night of Massacre Edit

Charlotte, along with Rinna and Sara, brings Tsukikage to the destroyed headquarters of Rebellion, to meet Kouzou Kazamatsuri.


Ichirin Junka (一輪楯花): Charlotte's power that is granted by Rinna through her Collar of Subordination, giving Charlotte the power to combat Blazers. The Ichirin Junka grants Charlotte near absolute defense. She can also manipulate the barrier into other forms such as blade and shuriken for offensive purposes.

  • Flower Blade―Ryuuzetsuran: Charlotte's offensive Noble Art, which forms a blade from her barrier, which is then sent towards her opponent.
  • Senben Junka (千弁楯花): An enhanced version of Ichirin Junka, which Charlotte pours all her magic into. It takes the form of a shield and is said to be three orders of magnitude stronger than Ichirin Junka. It was even able to block Stella's Katharterio Salamandra.

Expert Combatant: Charlotte, when enhanced by Rinna's power, shows that she's more than capable of taking on an A-Rank Blazer like Stella albeit the latter was unable to use her left hand at that time.