The Reason to Fight
Chapter 2 cover page
Cover of second chapter
Kana 戦う理由
Romaji Tatakauriyū
Release Information
Release Date May 1, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 1 Chapter 2
Previous The Genius Knight and The Failure Knight
Next The Visitor from the Past

The Reason to Fight is the second chapter of the Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan manga.


Stella awakes in her room, remembering that she lost against Ikki. Kurono enters the room to check on both of them. Stella then questions Kurono over who Ikki is, as Kurono reveals Ikki's family, the fame they possess and the suffering Ikki faced due to his family plotting against him for not wanting Ikki, a F-Rank Blazer, to be known to be world.

After Kurono leaves the room, Stella climbs to Ikki's bed, being curious over Ikki now, starts to touch Ikki's body until Ikki wakes up and asks what Stella is doing, surprising Stella as she suddenly jumps out and accidentally injures herself. While Ikki tends to her wounds, Stella decides to ask Ikki about the reason he's fighting as he has no one to support nor acknowledge him.

Ikki then tells Stella about the story when he was a child, how he ran way from his home when he was a child and as he lost his way, Ikki accidentally met his great-grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane, who encouraged Ikki to not give up and become strong. As Stella hears the story, she starts to feel that Ikki's way of life is painful which Ikki questions back if Stella would give up just because people tell her too.

Stella and Ikki find common ground

Ikki and Stella finding mutual understanding

Realizing that Ikki is similar to her, Stella gains respect for Ikki. Ikki, however, suddenly reminds Stella of the bet as a flustered Stella worries over what Ikki will order her to do. Ikki then demands Stella to be his friend and roommate, as their friendship starts to bloom.