The Genius Knight and The Failure Knight
Chapter 1 cover page (colored)
Cover of first chapter
Kana 天才騎士と落第騎士
Romaji Tensai Kishi to Rakudai Kishi
Release Information
Release Date April 3, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 1 Prologue - Chapter 1
Next The Reason to Fight

The Genius Knight and The Failure Knight is the first chapter of the Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan manga.


Stella in undergarment

fateful encounter

After returning from his usual morning walk, Ikki returns to his room and much to his surprise sees a half naked girl changing. As Ikki tries to clear the misunderstanding, he ends up making it worst when he takes off his clothes, causing the girl to scream out in terror.

The two of them were then brought to the office of the new Hagun Academy director, Kurono Shinguuji, who looks at the situation nonchalantly. It's revealed that the girl in Ikki's room was the 2nd Princess of Vermillion, and has recently arrived to Japan to study. Kurono then informs the two of them that they are roommates with both Ikki and Stella objecting the decision as Kurono states her purpose of coming to the school to make the school win the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival and use any means to accomplish that. Seeing that both side are still reluctant, Kurono then propose a mock battle between the two of them to help solve the issue.

Stella, however, refutes that idea claiming that it wouldn't be a fair match with Ikki nonchalantly stating that the results won't be known till they fight. Ikki's indirect statement ended up angering Stella who changes the mock battle into a duel with the loser becoming the winner's slave for life before storming out as Kurono takes the opportunity to make fun of Ikki.

The duel begins

Match starts

They then move to one of the training grounds of the school for the mock battle with Kurono serving as the referee. As both side materializes their Device, Kurono starts the match. Stella immediately goes on the offensive, attacking Ikki relentlessly with Ikki playing defense. As the match continues with the tide presumably in Stella's favor, Stella suddenly realizes that all of her attacks have been parried perfectly by Ikki who receives her attack and uses the force of the attack to leap backwards furthering their distance continuously.

As Stella ponders of her next move, Ikki suddenly counters back with his Blade Steal, having mastered Stella's swordsmanship during their exchange and corners Stella, forcing Stella into creating an opening for Ikki to attack. The attack, however, didn't go through due to the large gap between their magic power as Stella activates her Noble Art, Katharterio Salamandra, stating her respect for Ikki.

Ikki beats Stella

Ikki successfully slashes Stella

In response to that, Ikki also activates his Noble Art, Ittou Shura, as Stella notices Ikki's magic level starts to increase. Ikki then explains his Noble Art forcefully removes Ikki's physical limits, which increases both his physical and magic power. Paying to heed to it, Stella attacks using her Noble Art which much to her surprise was dodged by Ikki who starts to move at tremendous speed. Ikki then appears at Stella's blind side landing a decisive blow, knocking Stella out and winning the match.


  1. Ikki Kurogane
  2. Stella Vermillion
  3. Kurono Shinguuji