As far as I'm concerned, a duel is a mental game, not a martial arts bout. A battle starts with knowing the opponent's moves and understanding his approach. And by comprehending the opponent's principles, one can see one or two steps ahead—but that's just the most basic of basics.
—Byakuya Jougasaki
Byakuya Jougasaki
Kana 城ヶ崎 白夜じょうがさき びゃくや
Romaji Jougasaki Byakuya
Gender Male
Age 17
Nickname/s Clairvoyant
Eye of Heaven
Shiro (by Yudai)
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Affiliations Bukyoku Academy
Team Bukyoku
Status Alive
Blazer Status
Ranking C-Rank
Physical D
Luck D
Offense D
Defense D
Magic Cap D
Magic Ctl C
Voice Actor

Byakuya Jougasaki is a student from Bukyoku Academy and runner-up of the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. He participated in the 62nd Festival as a part of Team Bukyoku.


Byakuya has short black hair, and he is also wearing glasses.


Byakuya is logical and very intelligent. He views a battle as a mental game and believes that the winner is the one who better understands their opponent. He was able to deduce that he could defeat Ikki within 23 moves if Ikki doesn't use Ittou Shura or Ittou Rasetsu. Byakuya is friends with the former Seven Stars Sword King Yudai Moroboshi, who views him as a little bit of a weirdo.


Byakuya joined the 61st Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, reaching the finals before losing to Yudai Moroboshi. Byakuya's ability gave him an edge over other contestants, as he could just teleport them out of the arena upon contact. He was considered part of the "Golden Generation", the three strongest students of Bukyoku Academy, along with Yudai Moroboshi and Momiji Asagi.


Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc Edit

Party Crashers Edit

LN Volume 5 illustration 02 Bunkyoku Academy representatives

Byakuya (right), Momiji (left) and Yudai (middle).

Byakuya appears alongside Yudai Moroboshi who was defending Ikki and confronting Yui Tatara.

Conclusion of the First Match Edit

Byakuya met his next opponent, Ikki Kurogane, in the bathtub, alongside Nagi Arisuin. He first teases Ikki for already thinking about the semi-finals. Byakuya then starts touching Ikki, being amazed by his body. Yudai, who had just entered, stops Byakuya and scolds him for bothering Ikki. Byakuya gives Ikki and Nagi cups of coffee, which he summons with his Noble Art, God Hand.

Blackout Edit

Before his match with Ikki, Byakuya speaks with Yudai and tells him that Ikki won't use Ittou Shura or Ittou Rasetsu, because he will need them for his match against Sara Bloodily, and because of this Byakuya will win in 23 moves. Byakuya is proven wrong, when Ikki uses Ittou Rasetsu, winning in 0.8 seconds, as Ikki too knew that he couldn't win without using it. Byakuya is then eliminated from the Festival, because of his loss.

Rising Spirit Edit

Byakuya is one of the people that helps Ikki train for the finals of the Festival. He fights Ikki in a mock battle and is defeated, though the battle is not shown.

Byakuya is later seen watching the finals of the Festival, between Ikki and Stella, which Ikki wins.


Keen Intellect: Byakuya is an extremely intelligent combatant. He utilizes his intellect in battles to great effect, regarding a battle as nothing but a mental game. His greatest talent is his supreme observation.

  • Eye of Heaven (Observation): Byakuya's greatest skill which earned him the nickname "Clairvoyant" (天眼 Tengan). He meticulously investigates all available information of his opponents to gather every available data on them including the subtleties of his opponent's everyday life. He is capable of predicting every move his opponent will make even before the actually confronting them and can determine the outcome of battles without much difficulty.

Expert Combatant: Byakuya is an exceptionally skillful combatant. He was able to contend with Yudai in the final of the last years Festival, and even said he could hit Ikki in 23 moves if he didn't use Ittou Shura or Ittou Rasetsu.

Placement Manipulation: Byakuya's ability as a Blazer is to manipulate the placement of any object, through teleportation.


Unknown Device: The device of Byakuya is unknown, but it is known that in order to use his God Hand-ability on opponents, Byakuya must first hit them with his Device.

  • God Hand (白い手, Shiroi Te): Byakuya's Noble Art. It allows him to change the "placement" of any object within a 50 meters radius. In order to use the ability on other people, Byakuya needs to hit the opponent with his Device.


  • Byakuya has romantic feelings for Momiji Asagi, though it's unknown if they are in a relationship.
  • Yudai playfully calls Byakuya "Shiro", which is a play on the first two kanji of his name (白夜) which means "white night".