Blazers: a special being who can manifest one's own soul as armor and control superpowers with one's magical power.
—Ikki Kurogane

Blazers (伐刀者ブレイザー, Bureizā, lit., "Striking Blade User") are a group of special humans born with Magic, the source of their power. A Blazer's magic amount is fixed at birth. A Blazer is capable of utilizing the power obtained from their magic in several ways, from increasing their physical capabilties to even using it as a barrier.



Blazers are irregular, one-in-a-thousand existences, people who are born with magic and can each materialize his or her soul as a weapon: a <Device> which serves as a medium for Blazers to use their Noble Arts.

In the past, Blazers were called <Magicians> and <Witches>. Possessing powers that cannot be explained with science, the strongest among them could even control the flow of time with their will. Even the weakest of them could be considered superhuman.

Eventually a new law was created for the Blazers, the <Mage-knight System>. This system referred to the arrangement where Blazers who graduate from an internationally approved vocational school are given a “License” and a social status as a “Mage-knight” and are often sent to work at armies and police forces.

Despite Blazers being able to use their magic to physically enhance themselves and/or protect themselves from harm, Blazers are also known for having an innate special ability, (e.g Tohka's elemental manipulation in the form of Lightning, and Shizuku's water manipulation), that manifests itself in the Noble Arts of a Blazer. Noble Arts are directly derived from a Blazer's inherent abiltiies, and can be seen as the Blazer in particular's application of their abilities.


The ranks of a Blazer ranges from the highest, A-rank, to the lowest, F-rank. Blazers are not ranked by experience but are ranked based on six attributes:

  1. Offensive Power
  2. Defensive Power
  3. Mana Quantity
  4. Mana Control
  5. Physical Ability
  6. Luck

Known BlazersEdit

A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank
D-Rank E-Rank F-Rank

Unknown Ranks


  • Blazers are called 'Psychics' in US and 'Warriors' in China.

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