Bishou showing his Judgement Ring
Bishou showing his Judgement Ring
Kana ビショウ
Romaji Bishō
Gender Male
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Blue
Device Judgement Ring
Personal Status
Affiliations Rebellion
Status Imprisoned
Blazer Status
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Kenji Nojima (Japanese)
Mark Laskowski (English)

Bishou is a Blazer from the terrorist organization, Rebellion.


Bishou is a very tall man, with short white hair, that seems to not touch any of his forehead, as both sides of his hair is combed to the left and right. He also has a tribal style tattoo that covers the left half of his face, that also seems to go down to his neck the left side of his neck as well.

He is seen wearing a long black hooded robe, which hides most of his appearance, it also has a golden chain in the neck area, as well as Japanese symbols on the end of each sleeve and hood. He also wears white gloves and carries around a ring on each of his middle fingers which he wears on each glove.


Bishou is shown to be very uncaring human being, not caring what it took to gain the upper hand against an A-rank Stella, even willing to endanger a pregnant mom, just to bait Stella into attacking him. Bishou is also very sadistic, as he enjoyed making Stella strip down, to and beg for forgiveness for the hostages to be safe. Bishou has also been shown to be a very analytical man as he knew that if they started killing hostages they would soon lose the only upper hand they had over the police.


A Blazer with little known about his past. Bishou eventually joined the the terrorist organization Rebellion prior to the start of the story, becoming one of its members.


Selection Battle Arc Edit

New Term, Reunion and Rebellion Edit

Bishou staged an attack on the shopping mall near Hagun Academy in an attempt to gather funds for his organization. While he initially ordered his troops to not kill anyone, he immediately changed his thoughts when he saw Stella, threatening to kill a child who offended one of his followers, goading Stella into attacking him, easily blocking her attack. Bishou then tells Stella he will kill the boy unless Stella strips and prostrate herself. As Stella starts stripping, Shizuku starts her attack, creating a barrier with her Noble Art to protect the civilians, while an enraged Ikki attacks Bishou from above promptly cutting off both Bishou's hand. Losing both his hands and his troops defeated, Bishou's planted spy kidnaps an old lady to force Shizuku into healing his hands only for him and his spy to be shot down by countless magic arrows.


Bishou stopping Stella's attack

Bishou stopping Stella's attack

Expert Combatant: Bishou is shown to be a skilled and experienced fighter, he goaded Stella into attacking him which allowed Bishou to win easily.


Judgement Ring (大法官の指輪ジャッジメントリング, Jajjimento Ringu): Bishou's Device that takes a form of a pair of rings. The Judgement Ring has 2 special characteristics which are sin and punishment. The left ring will absorbs all attacks cast on Bishou and the right ring unleashes it upon the enemy, converting it into a magical power he calls Judgment.