Astrea Vermillion
LN Vol 10 Illustration 6
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Relatives Sirius Vermillion (husband)
Lunaeyes Vermillion (daughter)
Stella Vermillion (daughter)
Affiliations Vermillion Empire
Status Active
Blazer Status
Voice Actor

Astrea Vermillion is the Queen of Vermillion, and the mother of Stella and Lunaeyes Vermillion.

Appearance Edit

Astrea is a very short and childish looking woman for her age. She has pink hair and pink eyes. Ikki compared her appearance to Nene Saikyo.

Personality Edit

Astrea is a cool-headed and wise woman. She also cares greatly for her daughters. Astrea is far more reasonable than her husband, being able to understand Stella's reasons for loving Ikki, and accepting their relationship. She is also an exceptional politician, having greatly contributed in the improvement of Vermillion's and Cradleland's relationship.

History Edit

At some point Astrea married Sirius Vermillion, becoming the Queen of Vermillion. Before becoming a queen, she was studying in a university. Thanks to Astrea's great political skills, she was capable of stabilizing the relationship between Vermillion and Cradleland.

Plot Edit

Vermillion Empire Arc Edit

LN Vol 10 Illustration 8

Astrea, Stella and Sirius

Vermillion Empire Edit

Astrea meets Stella and Ikki, who have just arrived to Vermillion. She takes Stella to the Vermillion Palace, as Sirius wants to have a private meeting between the the Vermillion family. This though is just a scheme so the people of Vermillion can attack Ikki. Astrea and Stella meet Sirius at the palace, where Sirius tries to forcibly kiss Stella.

Later, after it's revealed what that Sirius has put a reward on Ikki and sent his guards to apprehend him, Stella is enraged at him. Ikki though comforts her, saying that seeing how much the people love Stella, has increased Ikki's love for her country. It's then suggested, that Ikki should participate in the upcoming tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland, to prove his worthy of Stella, Everyone agrees to this, even Sirius.

"Worst One" vs "Crimson Wild Lion"!? Edit

Later Sirius, tries to stop Ikki from participating in the tournament, by making him several trials he has to go through in order to prove his worth. Astrea and Stella, tell Ikki that he doesn't need to participate in Sirius' trial, but he decides to participate anyway, easily winning against Sirius in all of the trials.

The Nation Named Vermillion Edit

Astrea is present, along with Sirius and Daniel Dandalion, when Stella comes to them and tells them, that the Cradleland soldiers who are attacking Vermillion are controlled by All-Goal, who has conquered Cradleland. Astrea recommends that this information should not be given to the soldiers of Vermillion, in order to not demoralize them, but Sirius does it anyway, which impresses Stella.

Astrea is later discussing how to free the soldiers of Cradleland from All-Goal's control. Ikki proposes that by taking out certain soldiers, those who All-Goal controls through those soldiers will also be released. This idea is accepted by everyone, even by Sirius.

Kardia Urban Warfare Edit

Later in the battle between Vermillion and Cradleland, Ikki's plan is used to free soldiers, which works just as planned. Astrea and Sirius, who is watching through a monitor from Vermillion, are attacked by Ein Abgrund, an ally of All-Goal. Ein uses her flowers to paralyze everyone in the palace, including Astrea. Only Sirius is able to withstand the paralyses, and engage Ein. After the announcement of a tournament between Vermillion and Cradleland for the fates of the two countries, by Lunaeyes, Ein retreats, with Astrea likely recovering shortly.

Abilities Edit

Although not a Blazer, Astrea has demonstrated considerable intelligence, being a very capable ruler and politician, far surpassing her husband.

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